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News and coverage of South Africa’s most recent and past budget policy statements, speeches and related articles.

A look at the MTBPS’s proposed two-pot retirement system

19 Nov 2021 /  Simon Brown
Blessing Utete from Old Mutual Corporate believes that ‘the proposed forms will improve retirement outcomes ... with lot more preservation in the long term’.

South Africa’s health system is on its knees: the budget offers no relief

14 Nov 2021 /  Russell Rensburg
Covid-19 highlighted the gaps in our health system.

MTBPS: Government, it’s time to taste the pudding

12 Nov 2021 /  Ryk van Niekerk
The new finance minister should be grateful for the commodities boom and an aggressive rebasing of the GDP.

No ‘BIG’ announcement in the mini budget

12 Nov 2021 /  Suren Naidoo
But Godongwana’s tone hints at his hesitancy to commit to an income grant in the longer term.

Economic takeaways from MTBPS 2021

11 Nov 2021 /  Fifi Peters
To persuade private-sector investors, the government needs to demonstrate implementation of economic reforms that reduce the cost of business: Alexander Forbes chief economist Isaah Mhlanga.

SA seeks to rein in debt, hold off welfare expansion

11 Nov 2021 /  Prinesha Naidoo, Bloomberg
Set more ambitious targets to rein in debt, reduce loan-serving costs, lower the budget deficit and cut spending in the coming year.

Government again fails to make pronouncement on the future of e-tolls

11 Nov 2021 /  Roy Cokayne
Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula said a pronouncement on the controversial scheme would be made in the MTBPS.

SA warns of state job cuts if court backs pay deal

11 Nov 2021 /  Rene Vollgraaff, Bloomberg
SA may have to increase taxes, borrow more and fire workers if the government is forced to implement a civil-servant pay increase that was part of a 2018 agreement.

SA promises spending restraint

11 Nov 2021 /  Alexander Winning and Olivia Kumwenda-Mtambo, Reuters
Despite mining windfall.

Increased R120bn tax collection windfall may not be sustainable

11 Nov 2021 /  Amanda Visser
Fiscal risks, including unrelenting power outages, remain high.

General government to invest R500bn in infrastructure over the next three years

11 Nov 2021 /  Roy Cokayne
But funds are being diverted from the Infrastructure Fund for the 2021 public service wage agreement.

LIVE ARCHIVE: The MTBPS you can’t afford to miss

11 Nov 2021 /  Footage: Courtesy SABC
Watch Minister Enoch Godongwana deliver his inaugural 'mini budget' at 14:00.

Godongwana commits to fiscal consolidation

11 Nov 2021 /  Suren Naidoo
Following a record budget deficit of 10% of GDP in 2020, SA’s consolidated budget deficit is expected to narrow to 7.8% in 2021/22 and to 4.9% of GDP in 2024/25.

Government prepared to ‘let go’ of some state-owned enterprises

11 Nov 2021 /  Roy Cokayne
Also commits to avoiding further bail-outs of SOEs over the next three years.

Treasury forecasts 2021 GDP growth of 5.1%

11 Nov 2021 /  Suren Naidoo
Marginally lower than the Reserve Bank’s forecast in September.


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