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News and coverage of South Africa’s most recent and past budget policy statements, speeches and related articles.

Hard choices for Budget 2020

22 Feb 2020 /  Mike van der Westhuizen   18
A strong Budget will come down to simple action and hard choices taken now for the long-term benefit of the country.

Warming up for a taxpayer shakedown

1 Nov 2019 /  Barbara Curson   53
When government wants to take more, it mentions the poor – but does not admit any responsibility for poverty or suffering.

If government was a household… it would need debt counselling

1 Nov 2019 /  Ryk van Niekerk   13
Debt counsellors examine SA’s budget as if it was that of a family, and advise on the drastic measures it needs.

A decade of budgetary whoppers

31 Oct 2019 /  Ciaran Ryan    6
Is Tito trying to break the tradition of ministerial delusion?

E-tolls: Outa says ‘No’

31 Oct 2019 /  Roy Cokayne   35
Getting people to pay may prove to be government’s Achilles heel.

Mboweni says ‘rock the boat’, but there are no waves

31 Oct 2019 /  Amanda Visser   8
Taxpayers must brace themselves for even more increases.

Enough is enough

31 Oct 2019 /  Adriaan Kruger   23
We are ‘shuffling around in old and comfortable brown shoes’ – and it's time to get real, says Mboweni.

‘Mixed picture with some positive signs’

31 Oct 2019 /  Larry Claasen   7
South Africans looking for some respite will have to wait a while.

MTBPS laden with rhetoric but short on spending cut details

30 Oct 2019 /  Nazmeera Moola   2
The statement paints a stark picture of SA's economics.

Rand slumps as Mboweni reveals wider government debt, revenue shortfall 

30 Oct 2019 /  Ray Mahlaka    4
The local unit weakens by nearly 2% against the US dollar.

NHI roll-out cost increased by additional R33bn a year

30 Oct 2019 /  Roy Cokayne   18
Estimate is an indicative cost, not budget commitment - Treasury.

Cost of saving Eskom continues to rise

30 Oct 2019 /  Roy Cokayne   6
Provisionally allocated R10bn in MTBPS for its 2021/22 financial year.

SAA unlikely to ‘ever’ be sustainable in current configuration

30 Oct 2019 /  Roy Cokayne   6
Operational and governance interventions urgently required – Mboweni.

National Treasury downgrades 2019 growth forecast

30 Oct 2019 /  Ray Mahlaka   5
Citing policy uncertainty and slow implementation of structural reforms.

Talks with labour hinder pace of cutting public sector wage bill

30 Oct 2019 /  Ray Mahlaka    19
The expected R12bn savings for the fiscus per year until 2022 ‘have been reversed’.

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