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Growing healthier fruit trees faster for increased yield

18 Jan 2019 /  Mosehla Gwangwa  
Process creates more robust plants and bigger fruit while saving on water and fertiliser.

Supporting the agri-supply chain with local software ecosystem

17 Jan 2019 /  Mosehla Gwangwa  
Khula app – a mobile marketplace that gives smaller farmers an in to big buyers.

Local initiative upskills communities on bees, hive manufacturing

16 Jan 2019 /  Mosehla Gwangwa  
Kgosana Holdings has trained 120 beneficiaries, 25 of whom have financially benefitted from this social impact programme.

The world’s first integrated water and nutrient recovery solution

15 Jan 2019 /  Mosehla Gwangwa  
Aegis Environmental's revenue stream is directly connected to its social and environmental impact.

Chivas finalist addresses environmental sustainability, financial accessibility with sanitary product

14 Jan 2019 /  Mosehla Gwangwa  
One Mcup is the equivalent to 1 200 pads.

Solving a social challenge with business

23 Oct 2018 /  Moneyweb  
Chivas Venture is helping social entrepreneurs to kick-start their businesses into making an impact.

Chivas Venture is on the hunt for social entrepreneurs

8 Oct 2018 /  Mosehla Gwangwa   1
Entries have closed.

Social entrepreneurs get tools, funding to kick-start their businesses

27 Sep 2018 /  Moneyweb   1
Every year, the Chivas Venture gives away $1 million in no-strings funding to social entrepreneurs who blend profit with purpose to have a positive impact on the world. This year’s SA winner, Clement Mokoenene, shares his experience.

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