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Your guide to Black Friday spending

Avoid any financial hangover this Black Friday by making conscious comparisons and purchases.

Staying safe in the face of Black Friday cyber attacks

Thanks to phishing attacks, the day following Black Friday, known as Grey Saturday, is a safer day to shop - report.

The current state of SA’s advertising industry

Financial services advertising must get back to basics – Chris Brewer, founder of Brewer’s Advertising Data.

Are you ready for pre-holiday season sales?

PayPal’s GM shares tips on how you and your business can benefit from popular sales in November: Efi Dahan – Regional Director for Africa & Israel, PayPal

Meeting the demands of the ‘self-sold customer’

Companies that haven’t adopted digital will be invisible to the growing army of self-sold customers who turn to Google and social media to research - Rogerwilco CEO.

Businesses receive money efficiently through PayPal

Large or small, online or offline, PayPal has a solution for your business to receive payments easily and safely: Efi Dahan – Regional Director for Africa & Israel, Paypal

Tips for e-commerce entrepreneurs

Are SA’s e-commerce entrepreneurs missing a trick?

PayPal’s refund and return service well received

Online shoppers are inclined to purchase more when a free return service is available: Efi Dahan — general manager for Africa and Israel, PayPal

African e-commerce: A market up for grabs…

Africa-wide, active e-commerce customers may be less than 0.3% - a market that remains open for anyone to win: founder of the African Institution of Technology.

PayPal is essential for entrepreneurs with global trade ambitions

The digital wallet service provider can connect merchants with 184 million active accounts worldwide: Efi Dahan — general manager for Africa and Israel, PayPal

Online shoppers prefer free returns

PayPal’s free return service is proving to be very attractive to South African online shoppers: Efi Dahan — general manager for Africa and Israel, PayPal.

Growth of ecommerce in SA still exceptionally high

Local ecommerce has not attained the sophistication of major Western markets -Arthur Goldstuck.

Buying international products has never been easier

PayPal provides an efficient and save service for South Africa’s online shoppers to buy all their favourite international products: Efi Dahan — general manager for Africa and Israel, PayPal



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