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Eight ways wine will change in 2020

5 Jan 2020 /  Elin McCoy, Bloomberg
It's all rather radical.

Ten books on thinking about thinking

1 Jan 2020 /  Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg Opinion
A reading list that might teach you a thing or two about why we get things wrong.

World’s leading chefs name their favourite restaurant meals of 2019

29 Dec 2019 /  Richard Vines, Bloomberg
From New York to Copenhagen and Peru - the best bites according to the world's leading chefs.

Best nonfiction books of 2019 for contrarians and the curious

26 Dec 2019 /  Stephen L. Carter, Bloomberg Opinion
Find a good holiday read from a list of books from the twelve months just past.

Stellar view? Space hotels race to offer tourists a room in the sky

22 Dec 2019 /  Umberto Bacchi, Thomson Reuters Foundation
More companies are working on ways to bring the stars within the reach of more people.

Thirty-three genius travel hacks to upgrade your holiday trips

22 Dec 2019 /  Nikki Ekstein, Bloomberg
A holiday survival guide on supersmart steroids.

Trading water: Can water shares help save California’s aquifers?

7 Dec 2019 /  Carey L. Biron, Thomson Reuters Foundation
A farmer thinks this is the solution to depleting water levels.

Ingenious trip hacks from a Guinness World Record holder for travel

17 Nov 2019 /  Mark Ellwood, Bloomberg
Globe-trot with ease.

Crops in the clouds: The rise of rooftop farming in space-starved Hong Kong

9 Nov 2019 /  Marianne Bray, Thomson Reuters Foundation
The demand for urban farming skills is soaring.

The Golf once saved Volkswagen. Now VW wants to save the Golf

24 Oct 2019 /  Christoph Rauwald, Bloomberg
More than 35m units of the model sold since the 1970s.

These secret ingredients may be why your restaurant bill is so high

20 Oct 2019 /  Gabriella Gershenson, Bloomberg
Pantry staples such as sugar and vinegar are becoming highly coveted ingredients among forward-thinking chefs.

How to survive the world’s longest flights in style

8 Sep 2019 /  David Flynn
Airlines are steadily pushing the boundaries of long-distance flying.

South Africans get the bug: Cape Town diner serves insect-only dishes

7 Sep 2019 /  Wendell Roelf and Sumaya Hishaam, Reuters
A new trend is buzzing in the streets of Cape Town.

Flat-packed cities: wooden skyscrapers sprout over concrete concerns

25 Aug 2019 /  Rina Chandran, Thomson Reuters Foundation
Wooden buildings are the future.

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