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Ingenious trip hacks from a Guinness World Record holder for travel

Globe-trot with ease.

Crops in the clouds: The rise of rooftop farming in space-starved Hong Kong

The demand for urban farming skills is soaring.

The Golf once saved Volkswagen. Now VW wants to save the Golf

More than 35m units of the model sold since the 1970s.

These secret ingredients may be why your restaurant bill is so high

Pantry staples such as sugar and vinegar are becoming highly coveted ingredients among forward-thinking chefs.

How to survive the world’s longest flights in style

Airlines are steadily pushing the boundaries of long-distance flying.

South Africans get the bug: Cape Town diner serves insect-only dishes

A new trend is buzzing in the streets of Cape Town.

Flat-packed cities: wooden skyscrapers sprout over concrete concerns

Wooden buildings are the future.

Water pollution an ‘invisible threat’ to global goals, economists warn

It's an issue affecting both rich and poor countries.

Sasol special report part 2: How do you solve a problem like Secunda?

The complexity of dealing with Sasol's carbon emissions.

Fearing tobacco’s fate, palm oil industry fights back

Industry weary of court of public opinion in West.

Honeymoon resorts are out, adventure is in, say travel experts

Besides an adventure, it bodes well for your Instagram profile.

Special report: Sasol’s lack of accountability

The company has never met its own emissions targets, and shareholders don't seem to have noticed.

Even in cities, natural signs can warn of floods, researchers find

Rainfall patterns, ant behaviour and the flowering of baobab trees can signal that a storm is on the way.

UN report warns climate change may lead to food shortages

'Diets that are rich in plant-based foods have lower greenhouse gas emissions than diets that are heavy in red meat consumption.'



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