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Water pollution an ‘invisible threat’ to global goals, economists warn

24 Aug 2019 /  Kim Harrisberg, Thomson Reuters Foundation    3
It's an issue affecting both rich and poor countries.

Sasol special report part 2: How do you solve a problem like Secunda?

23 Aug 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   11
The complexity of dealing with Sasol's carbon emissions.

Fearing tobacco’s fate, palm oil industry fights back

21 Aug 2019 /  A Ananthalakshmi and Emily Chow, Reuters   2
Industry weary of court of public opinion in West.

Honeymoon resorts are out, adventure is in, say travel experts

18 Aug 2019 /  Claire Ballentine, Bloomberg    2
Besides an adventure, it bodes well for your Instagram profile.

Special report: Sasol’s lack of accountability

16 Aug 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   4
The company has never met its own emissions targets, and shareholders don't seem to have noticed.

Even in cities, natural signs can warn of floods, researchers find

11 Aug 2019 /  Kim Harrisberg, Thomson Reuters Foundation   1
Rainfall patterns, ant behaviour and the flowering of baobab trees can signal that a storm is on the way.

UN report warns climate change may lead to food shortages

10 Aug 2019 /  Brian K. Sullivan, William Mathis and Michael Hirtzer, Bloomberg    23
'Diets that are rich in plant-based foods have lower greenhouse gas emissions than diets that are heavy in red meat consumption.'

Flip-flops to building blocks: Ivory Coast uses plastic waste to build classrooms

3 Aug 2019 /  Inna Lazareva, Thomson Reuters Foundation    3
The one-of-a-kind factory is aiming to build 500 classrooms across the country by 2021, using plastic bricks.

Ex-cons find second chances easier to get in tight labour market

21 Jul 2019 /  Leslie Patton, Bloomberg   
When labour markets are tight, companies tend to loosen their hiring restrictions.

What do millennials want in a perfect job?

20 Jul 2019 /  Sophie Alexander, Bloomberg    1
They want more than just a good salary, they want to make an impact.

Plant-based sales are rising. If only we could pick a definition

16 Jul 2019 /  Olivia Rockeman, Bloomberg   
Plant-based products are foods completely free of animal ingredients, according to PBFA.

These are the highest paying jobs for the class of 2019

13 Jul 2019 /  Shelly Hagan, Bloomberg    8
Starting pay for data scientist graduates reported at $95 000.

How a 357-year-old company reinvents itself for the 21st century

7 Jul 2019 /  Tom Metcalf, Bloomberg    8
The Van Eeghen Group was founded in Amsterdam in 1662 and the family still owns the business.

You’re braaing wrong! Chefs share what not to do over the coals

7 Jul 2019 /  Kate Krader, Bloomberg    2
Getting the best out of your Sunday braai.

Rising heat stress could cost 80m jobs by 2030 – UN

6 Jul 2019 /  Lin Taylor, Thomson Reuters Foundation   13
Poor countries will be affected the most.

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