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Can bringing young and old under one roof solve the world’s housing crisis?

24 Mar 2019 /  Adela Suliman, Thomson Reuters Foundation   5
Governments around the world are seeking to tackle the twin crises of homelessness and loneliness.

Suspicion and strife strain Ethiopian plane crash probe

22 Mar 2019 /  Maggie Fick and Tim Hepher, Reuters   1
Ethiopian agency has three investigators, modest budget.

Is hygge the key to home happiness?

21 Mar 2019 /  Tony Clarke   3
Tranquility and security could help you find your inner zen.

Businesses ‘doing good’? Prove it

17 Mar 2019 /  Sarah Shearman, Thomson Reuters Foundation   4
Social businesses often face the same problem: how to measure success.

Dreamers and dropouts: tales from Stanford, home of unicorns

17 Mar 2019 /  Sophie Alexander and Reade Pickert, Bloomberg   
More unicorn founders and top venture capitalists attended Stanford than any other US university.

From Paris to Tokyo: Here’s where to find the world’s super rich

10 Mar 2019 /  Ben Stupples and Frederik Balfour, Bloomberg    2
About half of the world's elite population have their main residences within a group of just 10 cities.

Insurance not enough to offset financial risks climate, analysts say

23 Feb 2019 /  Laurie Goering, Thomson Reuters Foundation  
Financial risks related to climate change are growing.

Silicon Valley is using trade secrets to hide its race problem

17 Feb 2019 /  Jordyn Holman, Bloomberg    1
Research shows diverse perspectives bring tangible benefits to firms that support them, yet black and female CEOs lead just 5% of S&P 500 companies, a number that’s tumbled in recent years.

This near $1bn startup is led by a 27-year-old female CEO

12 Feb 2019 /  Yoolim Lee, Bloomberg   2
Ankiti Bose is one of the youngest female chief executives to lead a startup of the size in Asia.

Perfect dates around the world – Part 2

10 Feb 2019 /  Bloomberg  
Romantic getaways for both the dreamer and the daring.

Perfect dates around the world, from Miami to Milan – Part 1

9 Feb 2019 /  Bloomberg    1
Take a romantic adventure around the world.

How much is too much weed? New vaporisers take out the guesswork

3 Feb 2019 /  Craig Giammona, Bloomberg    5
The marijuana industry is trying to demystify and rebrand the drug in a bid to broaden its reach beyond established stoners.

China’s Gen Z teenagers spend more and worry less than you do

27 Jan 2019 /  Bloomberg    2
China's Generation Z are living it up, without much concern, compared to their cautious, conservative peers in the West.

The millennials of India are turning to algorithms for love

27 Jan 2019 /  Saritha Rai, Bloomberg   
'Betterhalf' was developed by India-based Pawan Gupta who had endless trouble finding the perfect match to marry.

Managers pick mini-me proteges of same gender, race – study

13 Jan 2019 /  Jeff Green, Bloomberg    4
About 71% of executives with mentees say they’re of the same gender and race.

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