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Why a DIY will is not a good idea

Learn from the mistakes of others and don’t be tempted to do it yourself.

The emotional and financial cost of a poorly-drafted will

It’s vital to stick to the formalities when executing your will.

The position and rights of trust beneficiaries

What you need to know.

Why it’s important to appoint an independent trustee

Even though cost may be a deterrent.

The obligations and responsibilities of trustees

Indemnity clauses in family trusts not worth the paper they are written on.

Practical considerations after the death of a loved one

How to deal with estate matters.

Dementia, Alzheimer’s and the protection of assets

Mental capacity, power of attorney and other things to consider.

Yes, testamentary trusts are still useful

Despite regulations to curb the avoidance of estate duty.

Your maintenance obligations don’t die with you!

Failure to make arrangements may lead to disputes over your estate.

Concern about practical challenges with new trust legislation

First donations tax payments due by end of March.

How tax hikes will impact your estate planning

VAT and estate duty increase may have wide-ranging consequences.

How your marital regime affects your ability to bequeath your estate

Limitations on freedom of testation can vary.

How divorce can impact your will

Your last wishes must be unambiguous.

Do you need a separate will for your offshore assets?

Navigating the minefield of international estate planning.



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