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The main considerations when nominating an executor of your estate

31 Aug 2021 /  Amanda Visser   1
If an executor has to make a decision that will affect their own rights or the rights of people connected to them, this can have serious consequences – Fisa CEO Louis van Vuren.

Proper knowledge is necessary when dealing with wills and powers of attorney

30 Aug 2021 /  Amanda Visser   7
Understanding the importance of expert advice when drafting a valid power of attorney and executable will may save you time and money.

Managing delays in the winding up of a deceased estate

25 Mar 2021 /  Amanda Visser   3
Unnecessary and costly delays can prolong the trauma and potentially cause financial hardship.

Century-old biased will tested all the way up SA judicial system

24 Mar 2021 /  Amanda Visser   3
'Stay away from discriminatory bequests on the basis of classes of heirs, such as gender,’ advises Louis van Vuren, CEO of the Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa.

Making the right choices makes for a happier and fairer marriage

23 Mar 2021 /  Amanda Visser  
Choosing the right matrimonial property regime is as important as choosing the right person to spend the rest of your life with, because both decisions have everlasting consequences.

Trust implications for planning around the death of the trust founder

2 Sep 2020 /  Amanda Visser  
Louis van Vuren looks at things testators and trustees need to keep in mind when planning bequests.

The value of appointing a professional executor to finalise your estate

1 Sep 2020 /  Amanda Visser   20
The importance of having a valid will and nominating an appropriate person as the executor of your estate cannot be emphasised enough.

The file of life

31 Aug 2020 /  Amanda Visser   1
Life is complicated – organise as best you can, while you can.

The sneaky death tax that’s easy to forget

4 Mar 2020 /  Amanda Visser   3
Possible capital gains tax is compounded by the fact that the applicable exclusions have not been adjusted for inflation for years.

Which marriage contract should you choose?

3 Mar 2020 /  Amanda Visser   3
Decisions made before the big day could end up working against the party they aim to protect.

A global asset and family footprint requires careful estate planning

2 Mar 2020 /  Amanda Visser   12
When it comes to estate planning, people seldom appreciate the complexities a global footprint brings – Fisa.

The importance of estate planning

31 Jul 2019 /  Amanda Visser  
Dr Eben Nel explains how proper estate planning ties in with the drafting of a valid and meaningful will.

Why a DIY will is not a good idea

30 Jul 2019 /  Amanda Visser   1
Learn from the mistakes of others and don’t be tempted to do it yourself.

The emotional and financial cost of a poorly-drafted will

29 Jul 2019 /  Amanda Visser   1
It’s vital to stick to the formalities when executing your will.

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