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Business leadership: learn to manage yourself first

Sizwe Nxasana of FirstRand shares his thoughts on self-management. (Quick Insight: 1′:02″)

Episode 2: The Sizwe Nxasana leadership journey

The FirstRand CEO shares his leadership and work ethic lessons, how he 'discovered himself' in trying to help others and other experiences. (Full interview: 30’49”).

Business leadership: ‘It doesn’t mean if it’s hard it’s wrong’

Allon Raiz of Raizcorp: Entrepreneurship requires sacrifice, time, effort and enjoyment (Quick Insight: 2′:19″).

Business leadership: The balance between head and heart

Allon Raiz of Raizcorp: Our [company’s] culture is about head and heart (Quick Insight: 2′:18″).

Business leadership: opportunity amidst adversity

Allon Raiz of Raizcorp: I look for the opportunity that’s here and now (Quick Insight: 2′:02″).

Business leadership: The role of failure

Allon Raiz of Raizcorp: failure is part of the journey – learn from it. (Quick Insight: 2':54")

Episode 1: The Allon Raiz leadership journey

Raizcorp founder shares his failures, successes and life lessons. (Full interview: 30'55").

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