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‘Being clear about our vision helped us to say ‘no’ to a lot of things’

31 Jan 2018 /  Sonya Culverwell  
Business lessons from the founder of a revolutionary social business model.

The Arlene Mulder business leadership journey

24 Jan 2018 /  Sonya Culverwell  
Breaking education’s rules to solve one of its biggest problems.

‘We need to teach people how to solve problems’

17 Jan 2018 /  Sonya Culverwell  
A remarkable, innovative business model from the MD & co-founder of WeThinkCode_.

Change has to come from you wanting to believe in a different life outcome for yourself

20 Dec 2017 /  Sonya Culverwell  
Rapelang Rabana discusses the relationship between business success and self awareness.

The Rapelang Rabana business leadership journey

13 Dec 2017 /  Sonya Culverwell  
Lessons from a (successfully) free spirited tech entrepreneur and business thought leader.

‘You can become an expert in anything – if you commit time to read extensively’

6 Dec 2017 /  Sonya Culverwell  
Unexpected strategies and corporate learnings from tech entrepreneur, Rapelang Rabana.

‘Clearly communicate your expectations’

29 Nov 2017 /  Sonya Culverwell  
The root of many a business’s problems, unpacked by Kobus Deetlefs, MD of Deetlefs Wine Group.

The Kobus Deetlefs business leadership journey

15 Nov 2017 /  Sonya Culverwell  
Lessons learnt by the managing director of a 200-year-old business.

‘We’ve made our biggest mistakes in hiring people’

8 Nov 2017 /  Sonya Culverwell  
Insights from the managing director of SA’s second oldest, premier wine estate.

Listening is a fundamental part of business

1 Nov 2017 /  Sonya Culverwell  
Why selling skills are not at the heart of this industry leading property group…

The Andrew Golding business leadership journey

18 Oct 2017 /  Sonya Culverwell  
Business lessons in the long game that is success, from the CEO of the Pam Golding Properties Group.

‘Cultural identity is a key competitive differentiator’

11 Oct 2017 /  Sonya Culverwell  
How Pam Golding sets itself apart: Dr Andrew Golding, CEO of Pam Golding.

‘I got into this form of leadership because I wanted to make large scale systemic impact’

4 Oct 2017 /  Sonya Culverwell  
How Africa’s most innovative SMME investment company is creating real opportunity for ordinary people.

The Yusuf Randera-Rees business leadership journey

13 Sep 2017 /  Sonya & John Culverwell  
Lessons learnt in a new kind of leadership, shared by the CEO of the innovative Awethu SMME investment company.

‘Entrepreneurs become this amazing intersection of leadership and economics…’

6 Sep 2017 /  Sonya & John Culverwell  
Why Yusuf Randera-Rees co-founded Africa’s most innovative SMME investment company....

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