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‘Staff observe – they can see when leaders sabotage their own strategies’

No-nonsense advice from well-known executive leadership coach and strategic facilitator, Dudu Msomi.

The Dudu Msomi business leadership journey

Dudu Msomi, founder Busara Leadership Partners, shares her lessons in growing leaders.

‘It’s amazing how many business leaders can’t answer the very simple questions’

Dudu Msomi, founder CEO of Busara Leadership Partners, cuts to the chase regarding business strategy.

Don’t start a business for the money… money will come

Lessons learnt by the serial entrepreneur and founder of the successful YuMe Sushi Bar and Rocomamas.

The Brian Altriche business leadership journey

The never-say-die story, business lessons and personal insights of a top franchise founder.

‘To get through recessions, be better than the guy next door’

The unconventional founder of the RocoMamas franchise, on what a business owner can and can’t control.

‘The JSE is 23% black-owned and 22% white-owned’

The CEO of the JSE explains the meaning behind statistics of national importance.

The Nicky Newton-King business leadership journey

A unique aerial view of SA business from the leader at the helm of the JSE.

‘If you don’t do things better tomorrow, you may not have the next day’

Nicky Newton-King, JSE CEO, discusses business innovation & how she employs it (Quick Insight 2' 47").

Culture: Make the office a place to contribute, instead of a war zone

Multinational business leader Bonang Mohale, on cultivating the workplace for inclusive contribution.

The Bonang Mohale business leadership journey

Invaluable insights for leaders, from the man who’s been at the helm of numerous multinational giants.

Leadership is about being obsessed with the development of others

One of the country’s most celebrated business leaders underlines the differences between leadership and management (Quick Insight 2’00”).

Leadership by disruption: Argue, challenge, ask questions

Co-Group CEO of Creative Counsel shares his recipe for getting ahead of the pack, in any given industry (Quick Insight 2’44”).

The Ran Neu-Ner business leadership journey

The Co-Group CEO of SA’s largest advertising group shares his somewhat unconventional business lessons.

SA’s largest advertising agency group was born without a strategy

'I cold-called for over seven months' - The Creative Counsel Co-Group CEO. Powerful truths about what it takes to be a real entrepreneur (Quick Insight 4:05).

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