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When business gets tough, ask a big name for mentorship

'Famous Brands’ Kevin Hedderwick shared his insights and assisted me during a very difficult time' (Quick Insight: 3:03).

The Esna Colyn business leadership journey

The CEO of JSE-listed Imbalie Beauty takes us through lessons learnt along the way.

Continuously reinvent and reposition yourself in your business

Living by the mantra of 'adapt or die' can lead to great success - Quick Insight (3'13").

Series 2, Episode 8: The Kevin Hedderwick business leadership journey

The former Famous Brands CEO's wealth of business learnings span a range of business topics as wide as his 36-year career is long.

Business Leadership: Most important mechanisms in exec succession strategies

Kevin Hedderwick unpacks his talent retention strategy, and the successful application thereof (Quick Insight 3'09").

Business Leadership: Strategy’s no good if it’s just in leaders’ minds

Kevin Hedderwick on the successful business strategy he adopted (and adapted) from blue chip companies (Quick Insight (3:48).

Business Leadership: The reason I call myself a coward with conviction…

Given Mkhari on his most important principles of due diligence and reasons for ‘doing your homework’ (Quick Insight 3'35").

Business Leadership: Opportunity on its own is not value

Integrated, fully-informed business propositions tends to last, versus opportunistic chances defined by trends: Given Mkhari (Quick Insight 2'27").

Business Leadership: Hire people willing to volunteer and surprise bosses

Given Mkhari on growing energetic, passionate, hungry and curious young stars (Quick Insight 3' 10").

Series 2, Episode 7: The Given Mkhari business leadership journey

Mkhari shares the lessons he learnt along the way from teaching to founding an investment holdings group.

Business Leadership: Choosing to use time optimally

I wanted to have a decent life, to take care of my family responsibilities without compromising...So I learnt about the concept of time at a very early age: Given Mkhari (Quick Insight 4'01").

Series 2, Episode 6: The Vusi Thembekwayo business leadership journey

The accomplished serial entrepreneur, investor, author and internationally-renowned speaker shares his story.

Business Leadership: The aim of great businesses is to be the best, not the biggest

Vusi Thembekwayo on the ‘second law’ of what his company calls ‘the four laws of leadership’ (Quick Insight 2'08").

Business Leadership: A leader’s role is to see different perspectives

Vusi Thembekwayo on personal business principles which were so instrumental in his success (Quick Insight 2’50”).

Business Leadership: Leaders must imagine a new future, and pursue it

The things that change our operating worlds can’t be found in a strategic document: Vusi Thembekwayo (Quick Insight 2‘17“).

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