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Episode 9: The Prakash Devchand leadership journey

His personal and professional journey in building the private hospital group Lenmed.

Business Leadership: The business of a country is cyclical

The greatest opportunities come when times are difficult - Dr Lelau Mohuba (Quick Insight 3”41’).

Business Leadership: The most important thing was to distinguish our brand

Dr Lelau Mohuba on how branding and consistency has paid off for Sephaku (Quick Insight 3”20’).

Business Leadership: Being in the room with the richest man on the continent

Dr Lelau Mohuba reveals some lessons learnt from, and unexpected character traits he noticed in, Aliko Dangote (Quick Insight 4”05’).

Business Leadership: You can’t teach others what you haven’t learnt

Dr Lelau Mohuba shares the business skills he learnt through counselling as a doctor (Quick Insight 3”40’).

Episode 8: The Dr Lelau Mohuba leadership journey

The fascinating story of his transition from science and healing, to becoming a business icon.

Business Leadership: Create a working environment of self-motivation

'You cannot lead people if you demand their respect, their trust' (Quick Insight 2’23”).

Business Leadership: Spend R200 get R25 000 back

Company policy needs to be linked to the needs of the customer. (Quick Insight 5’36”).

Business Leadership: Serve the people who are serving the people

How 'servant leadership' leads to success - Ian Fuhr, Founder & CEO Sorbet (Quick Insight 2’35”).

Business Leadership: Put people first and profit will follow

Excerpt from a full-length interview with Ian Fuhr, founder and CEO of Sorbet (Quick Insight 5’15”).

Episode 6: The Ian Fuhr leadership journey

Through each of Sorbet founder Ian Fuhr's professional incarnations one belief has remained: 'servant leadership' - his driving motivation and foundation for success (Full Interview 29’49”).

Business Leadership: Professional growth is about discomfort

'Sometimes we need to put people out of their comfort zone for them to grow - Mark Lamberti, CEO of Imperial Holdings (Quick Insight 2’00”).

Business Leadership: Employ the whole person, not just the employee

People are much more than a consumable means to a corporate end - (Quick Insight 3’12”).

Business Leadership: The two obligations of business in SA

Mark Lamberti: education is our biggest single problem and we ignore what’s happening at our peril (Quick Insight 5’11”).

Business Leadership: Shareholder returns not the purpose of business

A taste of Mark Lamberti’s unique business leadership style - (Quick Insight 4’03”).

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