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Business Leadership: Leadership requires self-knowledge

Mark Lamberti, CEO of Imperial Holdings, on the importance of knowing yourself first, in order to lead others - (Quick Insight: 2’44”).

Episode 5: The Mark Lamberti leadership journey

One of SA’s most highly regarded entrepreneurs shares his inspiring personal and professional leadership credo, developed through his perpetual state of 'Divine Discontent' (Full Interview 29’49”).

Business Leadership: Growing our economy alongside leading organisations

Phuti Mahanyele on the route to bringing government and SA’s leading organisations together, to propel economic growth. (Quick Insight: 3”55’)

Business Leadership: What is the most important leadership quality?

Phuti Mahanyele: You want a leader willing to create the space for other talented people to also be seen (Quick Insight: 2”08’).

Business Leadership: learnings from Cyril Ramaphosa

Phuti Mahanyele: 'I was touched by the humility he displayed'. (Quick Insight: 4” 18’).

Business Leadership: focus as much as you can on skilling yourself

Phuti Mahanyele, outgoing Shanduka CEO, delivers a powerful message to young South Africans (Quick Insight: 2”36’).

Episode 4: The Phuti Mahanyele leadership journey

The outgoing Shanduka CEO talks about her journey, Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership style and her most valuable leadership lessons (Full Interview 32'37'').

Business Leadership: Winning media woman of the decade

Terry Volkwyn, Primedia CEO, answers the question: ‘What was it about this career?’ that won her many accolades (Quick Insight 5’17”).

Business Leadership: how LeadSA was born

Terry Volkwyn, CEO Primedia: Change comes from active citizens (Quick Insight 7‘03”).

Business Leadership: Keep trying different things ­…

Terry Volkwyn, CEO Primedia: To grow a company, a certain amount of risk-taking and intuition is vital…. (Quick Insight 2‘53”).

Business Leadership: Lead by inclusion

Terry Volkwyn, Primedia CEO: Effective leadership brings teams and companies together through inclusion, not dictatorial demands ... (​Quick Insight 1‘43”).

Episode 3: The Terry Volkwyn leadership journey

The Primedia CEO shares her unintended journey to leadership, her successes and her profound life lessons. (Full interview: 44’33”).

Business leadership: Business must extend beyond profits

Sizwe Nxasana of FirstRand: Businesses must play a role in creating an environment where economies grow ... (Quick Insight: 2′:26″)

Business leadership: take yourself out of your comfort zone

Sizwe Nxasana of FirstRand: I discovered that I had some leadership capabilities. (Quick Insight: 1′:31″)

Business leadership: life is about choices

Sizwe Nxasana: The context of balance has to align to what your priorities as a person are (Quick Insight: 2′:14″).

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