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Why women need to take charge of their finances

Women stick with their strategy of investing, for the long term.

The importance of revising cash flow analyses regularly

Make sure that at any point in time, the client really understands their position now and into the future.

Diversification and how it improves a client’s expected return

The riskier the asset, the more time you need to be confident in achieving your expected return over time.

How GEPF works regarding pay outs and early retirement

When you retire at age 50, withdrawal tax tables would apply and would therefore lower tax concessions.

The role that a Certified Financial Planner® can play

Experience is underestimated, it really is an add on when it comes to financial planning.

Why do people fail at financial planning?

If you know what you are working towards, it will make it easier to make daily sacrifices to get to that end goal.

Explaining the profession of financial planning

One needs a minimum of 3 years practical experience to become a registered professional financial planner in SA.

Building a resilient investment strategy

The key is not to include too many risky assets.

Smart financial planning during turbulent times

'The hard work is effectively done upfront….'

Financial planning and investment

Financial planning truly is the small tweaks one makes to your financial position over time, adding value.

What to look for when choosing a financial planner

The advice you get should be based on a solid, long-term personal finance plan.

Wealth planning and your relationship status

Determine what your relationship status is, then you can determine what the value of your estate is.

Look twice before sidestepping endowments

Invest in an endowment that has full transparency of costs.

Investing for children’s education

It is advisable to use a tax-free savings account as an investment strategy.


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