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BlackRock to list a fund on JSE

24 Oct 2017 /  Sasha Planting   
Plans to bring European equity fund to the bourse.

Emerging markets: The next growth vector

13 Sep 2017 /  Ray Mahlaka  
South Africa, despite its political and economic challenges, is part of the growth story.

Why it’s time to get back to basics

12 Sep 2017 /  Richard Bullas, Franklin Templeton  
A guide to investing in small-cap companies.

US tech sector: Continued run-up or correction coming?

11 Sep 2017 /  Moneyweb  
The investment case for stocks in a low interest rate environment and an era of disruptive technology.

Why hedge funds are in vogue

17 Aug 2017 /  Brooks Ritchey   2
Rise in US interest rates has helped hedge fund strategies over the past 12 months.

How Brexit will look one year from now

16 Aug 2017 /  David Zahn & Dylan Ball, Franklin Templeton  
Franklin Templeton discusses investment consideration in Europe in light of Brexit.

The emerging markets streak continues

15 Aug 2017 /  Mark Mobius, Franklin Templeton  
Fundamentals of emerging equities remain attractive but a slowdown in China may wipe out gains.

Is it time to consider European sovereign debt?

13 Jul 2017 /  David Zahn, Franklin Templeton  
Political considerations are likely to remain a focus as investors look for opportunities in Europe.

A guideline to investing in offshore markets

12 Jul 2017 /  Moneyweb   2
Franklin Templeton finds investment opportunities in emerging markets.

Where to invest your money during a recession

11 Jul 2017 /  Moneyweb   3
Offshore assets would be recession proof, but be wary of currency fluctuations.

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