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[Watch] How ongoing conflict at universities is polarising SA

9 Jun 2016 /  Adlip  
Clashes at universities are dominating conversations on social media.

Cancer Dojo: beating cancer with creativity

8 Jun 2016 /  Adlip  
Social enterprise wants to empower patients and increase the survival rate of cancer 'one playful mind at a time'.

The power of brand-artist partnerships

7 Jun 2016 /  Adlip  
An interview with CLIO music juror Camille Hackney.

[Watch] How Primedia uses talent as the foundation for marketing

30 May 2016 /  Adlip  
"By breaking down all the silos, and working interdependently, it gives us more value at the end of the day."

[Insight] Black tax and the opportunity for brands

27 May 2016 /  Adlip  
Marketers should look at black taxed individuals as change agents redefining the opportunities available to their families, rather than victims.

How SA media players can cash in on video on demand

26 May 2016 /  Jessica Hubbard  
63% of South Africans watch some kind of video-on-demand programming on an online device.

[Watch] How to flag negative sentiment before it hits social media

25 May 2016 /  Adlip  
Brands need to move customer complaints to email where it's more personal.

[Watch] Why ‘design thinking’ is the new frontier for customer experience

24 May 2016 /  Adlip  
And how IBM is using this new trend in its business.

[Watch] SA ad agency leverages Soweto derby to amplify global charity

23 May 2016 /  Adlip  
#Operation45 shows how life-changing cleft lip surgery can be done in one half of a soccer match.

Y&R SA defines ambition through ‘out of the ordinary’ TVCs

17 May 2016 /  Adlip  
Thought-provoking messaging in the ads will leave consumers feeling introspective.

[Watch] #CCOTruths: When the worst thing that happened to Pepe Marais was the best thing

16 May 2016 /  Adlip  
'This business has grown me from a person who couldn’t speak.'

[Watch] Eskom’s long awaited digital makeover

13 May 2016 /  Adlip  
Power utility joins social media and is set to launch a payments app.

[Watch] SA mobile marketing agency delivers a first for Barclays Premier League live event

12 May 2016 /  Adlip  
Strike Media creates entrance app to help with high levels of traffic at live events.

[Watch] Tough economy sends SA companies into the cloud

11 May 2016 /  Adlip  
As they look to cut costs while keeping their information secure.

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