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MTI was by far 2020’s biggest investment scam – Chainalysis

16 Feb 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   23
Helped itself to R8.6bn worth of bitcoin belonging to its 'investors'.

Surprising twist in former Sharemax auditors’ disciplinary hearing

15 Feb 2021 /  Roy Cokayne   7
Legal team is to bring an application for the recusal of members of Irba's disciplinary committee.

Sharemax was not a Ponzi or pyramid scheme – attorney

11 Feb 2021 /  Roy Cokayne   5
'In the way it was constructed, there was always value.'

Independence of Irba’s expert witness at Sharemax hearing questioned

8 Feb 2021 /  Roy Cokayne   1
Witness chaired the committee that previously investigated the case against the three auditors.

Klopper drops defamation suit for ‘Give that man a Bells’ quip

5 Feb 2021 /  Ryk van Niekerk   10
After defendant requests documents that would become accessible to the public if he complied.

Reserve Bank issued directives against Sharemax in 2010

2 Feb 2021 /  Roy Cokayne   9
Despite being warned of the disastrous consequences for investors.

Profile of an MTI investor left destitute

27 Jan 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   19
Domestic worker ploughed her life savings of R25 000 into MTI and failed to withdraw her money before the company collapsed in December.

Objection to witness evidence delays former Sharemax auditors’ disciplinary hearing

26 Jan 2021 /  Roy Cokayne   5
Three auditors face a total of 413 improper conduct charges related to the failed property syndication scheme.

Two forex trading companies go belly-up, owing investors upwards of R1bn

21 Jan 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   31
Praesidium and Imagina FX were placed in liquidation last year after clients’ demands for refunds went unanswered.

Finalmente Global placed in final liquidation as MTI dominoes start falling

14 Jan 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   6
Pretoria High Court skips the provisional step and jumps straight to final liquidation for the first MTI-linked organisation to fall. More are expected.

MTI: Provisional liquidators appointed

13 Jan 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   16
Have until March 1 to prepare a report before final liquidation order can be granted.

MTI claims its first commercial scalp, as Finalmente Global closes

8 Jan 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   24
It was responsible for funnelling clients to Mirror Trading International, now in provisional liquidation.

FBI jumps onto MTI investigation

4 Jan 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   39
MTI’s collapse under suspicion of fraud is attracting heavyweight international law enforcement attention.

Liquidators swarm MTI

23 Dec 2020 /  Ciaran Ryan   44
Two applications for the liquidation of Mirror Trading International were filed in the high court on Wednesday by investors unable to withdraw funds.

MTI does not know if its bitcoin is safe

23 Dec 2020 /  Ciaran Ryan   47
Members will have to wait until Monday to find out.

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