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‘A great deal of puffing’ by Aurora – judge

24 Mar 2015 /  Antoinette Slabbert   2
Judgement has been reserved.

Khulubuse Zuma ‘did not know Aurora representations were false’

23 Mar 2015 /  Antoinette Slabbert   6
Liquidators contend: ‘We were misled by Aurora’.

Help, help! This Uncle is hurting us!

20 Mar 2015 /  Theo Botha   6
With suitable deference to 'Your uncle in the furniture business'.

Ronald and Darren Bobroff found guilty of contempt of court

18 Mar 2015 /  Tony Beamish   1
R100 000 suspended fine imposed.

Pickvest class action lawyers defend ‘opt out’ provision

18 Mar 2015 /  Hanna Barry   1
‘Too many thousands of investors to contact.’

Process to repay 170,000 Defencex investors underway

12 Mar 2015 /  Hanna Barry   11
As scheme’s mastermind launches new business opportunity.

Zuma lawyer left his file in Durban

27 Feb 2015 /    
Urgent application postponed.

Khulubuse Zuma’s urgent application postponed

27 Feb 2015 /  Antoinette Slabbert  
After his lawyer left a file in Durban.

Zuma’s nephew challenges Pamodzi R1.5bn claims

25 Feb 2015 /  Antoinette Slabbert  
An urgent application before Aurora D-day.

Who will guard the guards?

24 Feb 2015 /  Theo Botha  
Someone please take over the Takeover Regulations Panel.

Bobroffs hit with massive interest bill

19 Feb 2015 /    
Ruling opens the doors for other ex-clients to claim from law firm.

Pickvest class action takes shape as support swells

12 Feb 2015 /  Hanna Barry  
Nine separate class actions could result.

The generator generation

14 Jan 2015 /  Pieter Swart  
Don’t be left in the dark about a solution.

Wendy Appelbaum throws weight behind ‘garnishee’ case

14 Jan 2015 /    
‘Civil society cannot stand by’ – Appelbaum.

The second string to the Bobroffs’ bow

12 Jan 2015 /    
Why has Ronald Bobroff not disclosed the existence of his firm’s fourth director?



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