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Constructing post-retirement portfolios

‘The only way you can actually deliver an inflation-secured income over a 25- or 30-year period is by having substantial exposure to growth assets,’ says Jaco van Tonder of Investec Asset Management.

RA drawdowns: Be conservative or risk running dry

There’s no product that can rescue a pensioner who requires an income on day one of 10% or more of their capital - Jaco van Tonder, Investec Asset Management.

Aftreebesparings se harde werklikhede.

Jaco van Tonder, Direkteur Raadgewende-dienste by Investec Batebestuur.

The reality of retirement saving

In today's environment, people are not saving and investing enough for retirement. But, how much is enough? Everyone's calculation is different but there are rules of thumb that one can follow.



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