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A look at the JSE’s oil producers

Sasol, Oando and Camac Energy.

Great big hairy, audacious goals

Metair is not afraid to set the bar high.

A force for change

Fatima Vawda puts her money where her mouth is.

How porn can hinder your financial decision-making

Behavioural and neuroeconomic research should be encouraged. Regulators just need to be on their guard.

Making the case for Hulamin

Cheap at the price.

Invest in a Ponzi scheme

… it could be the best investment decision of your life.

Ingenious Tesla and other marvels

The news that's caught The Investor's attention.

From naked options to a champion of reform

The Investor chats to the woman who is arguably the most vocal campaigner for change in the retirement industry.

Japan and Europe the new frontiers for equity growth

As the search for yield continues - The Investor.

Comair: time to get on board?

The Investor looks at the company’s current trajectory and whether it’s a good time to be buying shares.

Which is SA’s most profitable retailer?

The answer may surprise you.

What’s the deal with preference shares?

The Investor looks at whether investors favour these instruments in the current environment.

Portfolio watch: what fund managers have bought and sold

A 'The Investor' feature.

The Investor: an introduction

Our new monthly online investment magazine takes flight.



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