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How to bolster your farm’s business resilience

14 Apr 2022 /  Jeanette Clark
Developing small and emerging farmers is crucial for national food security and a stronger agriculture sector.

Climate resilience in the agriculture sector

12 Apr 2022 /  Jeanette Clark
Nedbank’s Maluta Netshaulu discusses aspects of a climate-resilient agriculture sector, including sustainable practices, technology adoption and innovative solutions.

Platform thinking for agriculture in SA: Opening up the margins

6 Apr 2022 /  Jeanette Clark
The platform economy is growing rapidly, and in the agriculture sector platform marketplaces that link producers and consumers are on the rise.

How digitisation is moving agriculture

4 Apr 2022 /  Jeanette Clark
Nedbank’s John Hudson and Olebogeng Mogale discuss how digital technologies are making it easier for farmers to gain greater control over their route to market.

Consumers becoming drivers for innovation in farming practices

31 Mar 2022 /  Jeanette Clark
While most farmers don't have any control of the price they get for their product, they can control their production practices: Daneel Rossouw of Nedbank AgriBusiness.

The new face of commercial agriculture in SA is cooperation and amalgamation

30 Mar 2022 /  Jeanette Clark
With smaller players having to merge into large commercial groups in their efforts to survive, Nedbank’s Daneel Rossouw believes there’s place for expansion through integration.

We will weather this storm

17 Mar 2022 /  Jeanette Clark
South Africa’s resilient agriculture sector.

Nedbank uses its purpose to do good

14 Mar 2022 /  Jeanette Clark
Nedbank is positioning itself as a partner for growth for agriculture sector players and associated value chains.

Digitisation of businesses in the agri sector

10 Mar 2022 /  Fifi Peters
John Hudson – National head: Agriculture, Nedbank

Boere maak slim planne om die impak van klimaatsverandering te beperk

8 Mar 2022 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Cobus de Bruyn – Hoof: Kliente waarde proposisies, Nedbank Landbou.

Sustainability trends in the agri space

3 Mar 2022 /  Fifi Peters
John Hudson – National head agriculture, Nedbank

Banke speel ‘n groot rol om landbou meer volhoubaar te maak

22 Feb 2022 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Cobus De Bruyn – Hoof Kliënte waarde proposisies Nedbank Landbou.

Promoting growth in SA’s agri sector

10 Feb 2022 /  Fifi Peters
John Hudson – National Head: Agriculture, Nedbank

Boere begin stadig maar seker hul koppe optel na die droogte en Covid-19

9 Feb 2022 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Cobus De Bruyn – Hoof Kliente waarde proposisies, Nedbank Landbou.

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