Nedbank Franchising – Circus Circus

Circus Circus: the restaurant franchise that’s all about service

A memorable experience is what keeps customers coming back in tough economic times.

Nedbank Franchising - Roots Butchery

From gourmet braai to kidney pie – customer service matters

Choosing the right staff and managing them well is key to retail success.

Nedbank Franchising - Steers & Debonairs

Entrepreneurs should know themselves if they want to succeed

Corporate background prepared couple for the fast food business.

Nedbank Franchising – News

Franchising still offers opportunity in tough economy

Training and support from franchisors can help committed entrepreneurs succeed.

Nedbank Franchising - Salsa Mexican Grill

No sign of siesta for fast-growing Salsa Mexican Grill

Successful franchise proves Mexican food can stay hot in South Africa.

Nedbank Franchising – Spar

Superspar Boland thrives on culture

Lessons from three decades in the retail sector.

Nedbank Franchising - Marcel's Frozen Yogurt

New flavours keep customers hooked on Marcel’s

Focus on customer experience allowed Marcel's Frozen Yoghurt to ice the competition.

Nedbank Franchising - Romans Pizza

The founder’s curse

Is there a case for putting franchise founders out to pasture when the company has outgrown its humble origins?

Roman’s Pizza remains true to its vision

Offering the best pizza at the lowest possible price.

What to consider when purchasing a franchise

Franchising is a substantial force in the economy.

Franchisee gets a slice (or four) of the action

A success story built on acquiring multiple Roman’s Pizza stores.

Nedbank Franchising with Mugg & Bean

Why food remains a lucrative industry in franchising

Gross profit margin are generally higher.

The benefits of vertical integration in franchising

Price, quality control, reliability – even health.

Wim Rothman: I was born for this

A hands-on approach is what it’s all about.

‘You must have a passion for dealing with people’

Wim Rothman was there at the birth of Mugg & Bean and loves every day of it.

Nedbank Franchising with Ocean Basket

There are right ways and wrong ways of doing franchising

From Ocean Basket waiter to part-owner in four franchise outlets.

From waiter to Ocean Basket restaurant owner

Ocean Basket has been one of SA’s great franchising success stories.

How franchising is tackling environmental pollution

Ocean Basket says it is committed to adopting new habits at both a company and personal level.

The importance of revamping in franchising

Some companies are managing to stay ahead of the curve through technology.

Nedbank Franchising with Fournews

Partnership underpins success

Franchising veteran Manny Nichas says it's a unique offering and strong support structures that will assist in achieving growth and surviving in a challenging economy.

SA’s food franchising sector among ‘best in the world’

Quality, branding and franchisee support rivals the best globally, says industry veteran Manny Nichas.

Taking the leap of investment in a franchise

The profit potential is compelling and banks see franchises as a relatively safe bet, but you'll need some money of your own.

Hitching your entrepreneurial aspirations to a star

Franchising makes it easy, but what exactly is in a brand?

Nedbank Franchising with Spur

A taste for the Spur (franchise) life

Franchisee Donald Clarkson talks about how Nedbank has helped him grow his business and deal with some of the challenges of operating in the difficult SA economy.

Support vital for franchise success

Franchisor support and infrastructure form the backbone of franchising and provide an ideal mechanism to reduce the risk of business failure.

The pros and cons of multi-franchise ownership

In this environment, multi-store ownership has emerged to create better economies of scale.

Spur is the business of choice for this multi-franchisee

Brand history, support allows for significant growth.

Nedbank Franchising with Shell

How the Shell Ultra City brand empowers SA’s entrepreneurs

'If it’s your first business, franchising is the way to go' - Pinky Moabi, franchisee.

SA’s franchise sector shows positive growth – survey

Diversity challenges remain, respondents cite SA’s low-growth environment as a barrier to success.

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