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Dion Chang: What story will your money tell?

Education systems, in general, are not geared to prepare people for the next industrial revolution' – founder of Flux Trends.

Is there a connection between wealth and spirituality?

Jenna Clifford – Founder, Jenna Clifford Design Jewellers

‘Innovation, disruptive era we live in does signal massive change’

But that also signals massive opportunity.

What does wealth mean at different stages of life?

Dion Chang – Founder, Flux Trends

Dr Mandisa Maholwana: What story will your money tell?

'Health is critical as part of true wealth' – Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital CEO.

Educate those around you about wealth creation

'We should share as much as we practically can' – Dr Mandisa Maholwana, CEO, Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital.

Brand Pretorius: What story will your money tell?

'To be financially independent has given me peace of mind' – Brand Pretorius, former executive.

Wealth has a ‘sting’ in the tail, but it has a flip side

'Should a person have a generous disposition towards others and life, then wealth can bring happiness' – Brand Pretorius, former executive.

Miles Kubheka: What story will your money tell?

While Miles’s compelling rags-to-riches story speaks to any audience – his message is universal.

Wealth is definitely an enabler for some happiness

Provided you know how to use it appropriately.

Pepe Marais: What story will your money tell?

'Money is the route of all good when it is in the right hands' - Pepe Marais, Joe Public United.

‘Wealth is the freedom to decide to do something and having the ability to do it’

Miles Kubheka – Founder, Vuyo’s Brands

Find the greater purpose beyond money

Make that your strategy.

Live a modest lifestyle

Don't own things that will end up owning you.

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