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J&J booster 85% effective against Omicron hospitalisation – SAMRC

14 Jan 2022 /  Tim Cocks, Reuters
'We saw an 85% vaccine effectiveness and we saw that this kind of vaccine effectiveness is maintained for up to two months,' Glenda Gray said.

Omicron less severe even for unvaccinated, study says

14 Jan 2022 /  Antony Sguazzin, Bloomberg
Or who haven’t had a prior Covid-19 infection, a study showed.

The worst of the Omicron variant is behind us – WHO

14 Jan 2022 /  Palesa Mofokeng
Variant has already recorded its first drop in cases, making it the shortest-lived wave since the onset of Covid-19.

Africa needs sixfold rise in weekly vaccinations, WHO says

13 Jan 2022 /  Janice Kew and Renee Bonorchis, Bloomberg
If the least vaccinated continent is to reach the World Health Organisation’s target of 70% of its people fully covered by mid-year.

SA studies suggest Omicron has higher ‘asymptomatic carriage’

11 Jan 2022 /  Alexander Winning, Reuters
Which could explain why it has spread so rapidly across the globe.

Immune compromised targeted for vaccination, says Africa CDC 

6 Jan 2022 /  Janice Kew, Bloomberg
The continent of 1.3 billion people has only fully vaccinated 10% of its population against Covid-19.

SA excess deaths peak at fraction of previous Covid waves

6 Jan 2022 /  Antony Sguazzin, Bloomberg
The number of excess deaths, a measure of mortality against a historical average, in the week to December 26 fell to 3 016 from 3087 the week earlier.

SA admits fewer Omicron patients with existing illnesses

31 Dec 2021 /  Loni Prinsloo, Bloomberg 
Variant appears less likely to cause serious illness.

Two doses of J&J’s vaccine slashes Omicron hospital stays

30 Dec 2021 /  Michelle Fay Cortez, Bloomberg
According to SA study.

SA recalls new isolation and quarantine rules

29 Dec 2021 /  Nqobile Dludla, Reuters
The government announced on Tuesday, saying an amended circular will be re-issued.

South Africa study suggests omicron could displace delta

28 Dec 2021 /  Juby Babu, Reuters
Infection with the new variant boosts immunity to the older one.

Israeli hospital to start fourth Covid jab efficacy study

27 Dec 2021 /  Alisa Odenheimer, Bloomberg
Sheba Medical Center will administer a fourth dose to 150 medical workers who were vaccinated with third doses before August 20.

Omicron may not be the final variant…

27 Dec 2021 /  Ben Krishna
But it may be the final variant of concern.

SA data suggests Omicron mild, should not be extrapolated – Africa CDC

23 Dec 2021 /  Estelle Shirbon and James Macharia Chege, Reuters
He added that factors such as the young median age of the South African population could be playing a part in what was being observed in the country.

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