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SA regulator not authorising Russian Covid-19 vaccine for now

18 Oct 2021 /  Alexander Winning, Reuters   3
Citing concerns about its safety for people at risk of HIV.

SA to vaccinate teenagers with single dose of Pfizer -health minister

15 Oct 2021 /  Wendell Roelf, Reuters   2
As the country looks to ratchet up inoculations ahead of final year examinations.

Vaccine certificate: Here’s how to get yours

11 Oct 2021 /  Cheryl Kahla, Citizen  
The certificate will streamline proof of vaccination. Here's how to get yours.

Official launch of SA vaccine certificate a sign of good things to come

11 Oct 2021 /  Nica Richards, Citizen  
The UK has confirmed it will be recognising South Africa's vaccination certificate.

Govt promises foolproof digital vaxx certificate

11 Oct 2021 /  Brian Sokutu, Citizen   8
'The national department of health, and South Africans have no reason to stress about the safety of the certificate.'

Covid protection wanes months after second shot, studies show

10 Oct 2021 /  Alisa Odenheimer and Robert Langreth, Bloomberg   4
With men having less protection than women, according to research that supports the use of booster doses. 

Heart damage plagues Covid survivors a year after infection, study shows

9 Oct 2021 /  Jason Gale, Bloomberg   2
Heart disease and stroke are already the leading causes of death worldwide.

Ramaphosa: TRIPS waiver urgent to save millions of lives

28 Sep 2021 /  Alexander Winning, Reuters   1
He added that the success of developing countries in combating climate change would require concessional funding to support a just transition.

ImmunityBio plans trial for second Covid-19 shot in SA

28 Sep 2021 /  Antony Sguazzin, Bloomberg   1
The new vaccine is expected to bolster the production of both antibodies and T Cells that kill virus-infected cells.

Sanofi ends development of Covid messenger-RNA vaccine

28 Sep 2021 /  Deirdre Hipwell and Marthe Fourcade, Bloomberg  
Because the shot will come too late to market.

SA exits third coronavirus wave, institute says

27 Sep 2021 /  Antony Sguazzin, Bloomberg   2
New infections fell to below 1 000 on Sunday and the positivity rate of tests was 5%, the institute said in a statement.

Delta variant extinguishes Beta in SA, study shows

25 Sep 2021 /  Antony Sguazzin, Bloomberg   1
The more infectious nature of the delta mutation of the coronavirus has seen it almost completely displace the beta variant in SA.

Die regering wil kommer oor entstowwe in die kiem smoor

23 Sep 2021 /  Ryk van Niekerk   1
Marione Schonfeldt – Spesialis in farmaseutiese beleid: EPI, Departement van Gesondheid

Billionaire to back cancer, Covid vaccines in SA

23 Sep 2021 /  Antony Sguazzin, Bloomberg   1
ImmunityBio company is conducting trials of its Covid-19 vaccine in SA and has held talks with Cape Town’s Biovac Institute to potentially set up vaccine production facilities.

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