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LATEST Retire Well 2018  

South Africans are known to be poor savers

How the Asian Tigers spoke to then finance minister Trevor Manuel about personal savings – a chat with the SA Savings Institute’s Gerald Mwandiambira.

Leaving an inheritance versus spending every cent

Lesego Monareng – director and certified financial planner, Klu Wealth and Legacy Management.

Aligning one’s values and life goals

Vangile Makwakwa from Wealthy Money discusses spending and investing in alignment with one’s values and life goals.

Face up to your retirement fears

The single biggest mistake most people make is not harnessing the power of compound interest to pay for their retirement, says Craig Gradidge from Gradidge-Mahura Investments.

Sisters need to be doing it for themselves

Girls born today are likely to live past 100, and they won’t want to be pinching pennies at any age.

Retirement: Seven levers at your disposal

That could influence planning for a healthy retirement.

Women tend to be at a disadvantage in retirement

Women live longer than men, earn less, and increasingly have to survive on their own – so what they do today really counts.

A simple way to save without really noticing it

Liberty’s Stash app rounds up your spending to the nearest R10 and stashes it for you.

How to start saving for retirement at 45

It’s preferable to start saving when you’re in your 20s, but the ‘better late than never’ maxim holds true.

How can those above 45 improve retirement savings?

There is still time.

Financial planning for the independent woman at every life stage

Women live about 5 to 10 years longer than men.

Women live longer than men, but save less

And are less prepared for the future that awaits them.

Let’s rather talk about cars, holidays and education

Saving for short-term goals provides a good whole-life platform for the younger generation to build on.



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