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Revix disrupts bank savings market with its 12% annual interest account

12 May 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
And paying out in US dollar stablecoins.

Revix launches savings vault paying out 12% a year on USDC

4 May 2022 /  Simon Brown
Sean Sanders, CEO and founder of Revix, discusses the benefits and risks.

Revix gets set to launch Avalanche – the rising star in the crypto space

21 Apr 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
Avalanche is the 10th largest crypto ranked by market cap, and has some clear advantages over competitors such as Ethereum.

Revix makes investing in cryptocurrencies effortless.

13 Apr 2022 /  Simon Brown
A more responsible approach to investing in crypto as you get diversified exposure to this emerging asset class.

Institutions do a 180-degree turn on the outlook of cryptocurrencies

8 Apr 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
Institutions that just a few years ago described crypto and Bitcoin as a 'Ponzi' and 'money laundering' scheme have now done a complete about-face.

DeFi leads the crypto resurgence

1 Apr 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
The original and primary use case for crypto – protected peer-to-peer value transfer – has been put to the test in recent weeks.

Revix launches DeFi Bundle to capitalise on one of crypto’s most compelling stories

25 Mar 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
With over $200bn deposited in DeFi platforms, it’s as if cryptos were invented for this use case.

Making investing in cryptocurrencies effortless

24 Mar 2022 /  Simon Brown
DeFi has been one of the most invested areas by venture capitals in 2021, Sean Sanders CEO tells us why.

How to use cryptocurrencies to protect yourself in a volatile market

16 Mar 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
War in Ukraine, rising inflation and the prospects of weaker economic growth are driving financial markets down. Here’s how cryptos can protect you.

Revix launches new gold/bitcoin bundle

10 Mar 2022 /  Simon Brown
The Inflation Shield combines PaxGold (PAXG), a tokenised version of gold that is fully backed by real gold, and BTC.

Revix launches ‘Inflation Shield’ that combines gold and Bitcoin

8 Mar 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
This was launched on Friday, March 11.

Gold once again proves its status as a safe-haven asset

1 Mar 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
PAX Gold: The best way to acquire exposure to the metal.

Revix launches Luna on the Terra network

23 Feb 2022 /  Simon Brown
This new cryptocurrency is similar to Ethereum and enables mobile payments: CEO Sean Sanders.

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