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A look at Solana: 2021’s hottest cryptocurrency

10 Sep 2021 /  Simon Brown   3
Solana launches on Revix after a stellar year for the hottest new crypto. Simon chats to Revix founder Sean Sanders and Moneyweb's Ciaran Ryan as they unpack what Solana is and what sets it apart from other crypto assets.

Is Solana the real Ethereum killer?

6 Sep 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan  
Its price is up an extraordinary 40 times over 12 months, and it’s not all hype. There’s some brilliant technology behind this exceptional surge.

Polkadot’s quest to become the final word in blockchain technology

30 Aug 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan  
And it’s a cryptocurrency to watch in the race to dominate the emerging financial ecosystem built around blockchains.

Why Cardano has shot to #3 in the crypto market-cap rankings

27 Aug 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan  
The cryptocurrency hit all-time highs recently in anticipation of the Cardano blockchain making good on its promise to do what Ethereum does, only better.

The cryptocurrency that is smoking bitcoin

12 Aug 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan  
Ether, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, is up 335% over 12 months.

Top 8 simple cryptocurrency investing rules

6 Aug 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   
The same rules that apply to other forms of investment apply to cryptocurrencies too.

Is crypto making a comeback?

30 Jul 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan  
The strong rally of the last week suggests the bear market may be coming to an end.

How you can save money and grow your wealth with cryptos

23 Jul 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan  
There are some enticing ways to grow your wealth using cryptos, versus the more traditional savings accounts offered by banks.

Why the Chinese crackdown is good for crypto long term

2 Jul 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan  
There are several reasons why China’s crackdown on cryptos is good for bitcoin and other cryptos.

How much of Bitcoin’s price dive is Elon Musk’s doing?

29 Jun 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan  
Diversification across cryptocurrencies offers protection against volatility.

Bitcoin is competing against innovation

11 Jun 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan  
It’s why you need a diversified crypto portfolio.

Cryptocurrency investing for beginners

31 May 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan  
Crypto index investing is a good place to start.

Bitcoin is facing a major supply shortage

24 May 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan  
Between lost coins and institutional whales soaking up available supply, there’s not a lot left to go around.

Why this bitcoin bull market is different to 2017

14 May 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan  
In 2017, the global money printers hadn’t gone into overdrive.

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