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How technology is changing Africa

Musa Kalenga, brand communication specialist, answers these questions: – Often people talk about Africa as a country and not as a continent, do you think that this is still a common notion or is it a perception that is changing? – Do you think that South Africa is still falling behind in terms of development

A new take on Section 12J

Dealing with Africa is a whole new ball game.

Owning Africa’s narrative

Recruiting talent, technology and using the right strategy to own Africa's narrative can enable businesses favourably.

Seeking economic solutions for Africa

Rwanda and Ethiopia's economies are developing, showing signs of promise.

Solutions to the Western Cape water crisis

Solutions that are integrated, holistic and future focused will have multiple benefits to society.

New thinking needed to tackle ongoing water problem

Adding to the water supply problem is a collapse in the systems that measure, monitor and predict water resources.

How the Western Cape water crisis affects businesses

The contamination of our water courses bring up a huge quality of water risk.

Crisis puts waste treatment under the spotlight

There are significant opportunities around wastewater that is easily treatable.

What is waste water and how can it help the Western Cape water crisis?

Opportunity for waste water in the industrial space is significant, depending of the water use of that industry.

Brands have to stay relevant and resonate – with everyone

Have a brand and create brand awareness, interest, desire and adoption among consumers - in existing and new countries you enter: Jeremy Sampson.

Going into the rest of Africa? Build skills capacity

We need to establish the human capital potential of each African country, then build institutions to develop it: Terry Meyer, Leadership SA.

New age companies are using digital assets to create new services

In many cases you’ll struggle to acquire new licences and spectrum ... you may have to strike new partnerships to allow you to enter countries: Lee Naik, MD of Accenture Digital.

Watch: Often more opportunities on offer when businesses engage

Trans-regional platform enables customers from different African countries to meet, engage, share information and opportunities: Dr Manessah Alagbaoso

‘There’s no such thing as Africa’

Where to invest, what to consider and why.



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