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Stocks you might want to buy into this year

26 Jan 2022 /  Chantal Marx
Six options to consider as part of your 2022 investment strategy.

[TOP STORY] A look at 2022 market trends and forecasts from large investment houses

20 Jan 2022 /  Simon Brown
'Go and look at some of these value ETFs, value fund managers and value stocks if you manage your own equity portfolio’ – Schalk Louw of PSG Old Oak.

2021: A bumper year for local unit trusts

11 Jan 2022 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire
After a string of lean years, performance rebounded for South African funds.

Two new global ETFs in niche sectors

10 Jan 2022 /  Keith McLachlan
With few real investable infrastructure plays and no major global healthcare players listed on the JSE, tracking a global index can be a compelling option.

Do local shares still offer value?

14 Dec 2021 /  Adriaan Kruger
Some experts say there are pockets of value to be found on the JSE.

Italtile sales update belies strength

13 Dec 2021 /  Keith McLachlan
Its tightly-held shares may be too illiquid for larger institutions, but therein lies the opportunity for the rest of us …

How to spot which company turnarounds may work, ahead of time

10 Dec 2021 /  Simon Brown
‘The best turnarounds don't need dilution, and that's always the sign that their core is right’ – Keith McLachlan of Integral Asset Management.

‘Omi-whatever’: variant grip on stocks lasted just two weeks

8 Dec 2021 /  Nikos Chrysoloras and Michael Msika, Bloomberg
It’s almost as if Omicron never happened.

The ‘very different’ equity fund that is up 60% in a year

8 Dec 2021 /  Justin Brown, Citywire
Corion's concentrated equity fund allocates to managers with the best ideas.

Management shows its true quality only over time

7 Dec 2021 /  Simon Brown
‘It's very important not to fall in love with businesses straight away. You need a long courtship if you're going to buy something or understand a business’: David Shapiro of Sasfin Wealth.

Local equity funds are back in favour

4 Dec 2021 /  Justin Brown and Patrick Cairns, Citywire
The latest statistics from Asisa show that South Africa equity general portfolios took in net inflows of R5.6bn in the third quarter.

The top-performing global equity funds available in SA

30 Nov 2021 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire
A look at which funds have stood out over the past three years.

What AVI shareholders made of the Mondelēz news

29 Nov 2021 /  Keith McLachlan
The market was probably right to sell AVI’s share price down.

What R100k in SA’s biggest equity funds five years ago is worth today

25 Nov 2021 /  Moneyweb
Contrasting total returns shows some eye-opening results …

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