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Cash vs equity returns: is the last five years unusual?

Local cash has outperformed equities over five years, leaving investors to wonder if something has changed.

From base zero and still growing

From a team of two, financial services group Mergence believes that with 86 staff, it is just hitting its stride.

How do I start a share portfolio?

What is a good balanced portfolio to start with for someone in their 20s?

Fund managers turn bullish on EM equities

BofA Merril Lynch survey shows market is at its most undervalued since October 2011.

Can you spot the next JSE superhero?

Are there lessons for investors?

JSE Superhero No 3 – Naspers

Superpower: Trendspotting.

JSE Superhero No 2 – Capitec

Superpower: Flexibility.

More diversification with Section 12J

Westbrooke expands its February 2019 investment offerings.

JSE Superhero No 1 – Clicks

Superpower: Reliability.

The three stocks that have defied the JSE’s stagnation

Introducing the local market's superheroes.

Were you brave enough to invest in these penny stocks in 2018?

The JSE's big winners last year – not for the faint-hearted.

Four global investment trends to watch in 2019

And the implications for SA.

Would you rather get Absa’s interest rate, or its dividend?

You can currently get a higher yield from the share than you would in a notice account.

Steinhoff is not the JSE’s biggest loser

Construction companies are the bourse's real dogs.

Does this sound familiar?

The story of the UK market has local resonance.



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