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UBS picks Ramaphoria 2.0 stocks portfolio for SA bet

29 Apr 2019 /  Adelaide Changole   3
Banks, retailers, industrial companies may gain after election.

Beware the real enemies of wealth

29 Apr 2019 /  Adriaan Pask   8
We tend to focus on the wrong things when assessing impact.

Is there a witch-hunt for the next Steinhoff?

18 Apr 2019 /  Ingé Lamprecht   10
In an environment of negative sentiment, mispricing may create opportunities.

Fund managers open up about the ‘landmines’ of 2018

11 Apr 2019 /  Ingé Lamprecht   11
EOH, Tongaat, Aspen, BAT and MTN have all taken a beating.

JSE has its best quarter in more than a decade, but …

2 Apr 2019 /  Marcia Klein   6
It's not all that it seems and is only cause for limited cheer.

Investors: pay heed to China (and India)

18 Mar 2019 /  Sasha Planting   1
The opportunities outweigh their weighting in global indices.

Biotech investors zero in on gene therapy as next big frontier

16 Mar 2019 /  Tatiana Darie  
Fund managers have bullish outlook for gene-editing technology in long run.

How global fund managers view SA investment opportunities

14 Mar 2019 /  Ingé Lamprecht   7
Where a company is domiciled matters less than fundamentals.

Animal healthcare – an opportunity for investors

8 Mar 2019 /  Sasha Planting   2
People see pets as part of the family.

Can the JSE sustain momentum ahead of elections?

4 Mar 2019 /  Ryk van Niekerk  
Headwinds to equity market performance in SA 'largely dependent' on election period, says Fatima Vawda, MD of 27four Investment Managers.

Where are mid caps headed?

1 Mar 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   2
Is the recovery underway?

Cash vs equity returns: is the last five years unusual?

18 Feb 2019 /  Ingé Lamprecht   12
Local cash has outperformed equities over five years, leaving investors to wonder if something has changed.

From base zero and still growing

12 Feb 2019 /  Sasha Planting  
From a team of two, financial services group Mergence believes that with 86 staff, it is just hitting its stride.

How do I start a share portfolio?

6 Feb 2019 /  Jesse Morgans  
What is a good balanced portfolio to start with for someone in their 20s?

Fund managers turn bullish on EM equities

5 Feb 2019 /  Arnold Segawa   2
BofA Merril Lynch survey shows market is at its most undervalued since October 2011.



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