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Protecting portfolios in the time of Covid

19 Aug 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   2
Three local boutique managers share their thoughts on gold, options and more.

Big tech stocks and their risks

18 Aug 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   13
You have to understand what their underlying sustainable growth rate is: Iain Power, Truffle Asset Management.

SA at risk of a public sector debt trap

17 Aug 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   13
The country's assets may well remain cheap without concerted action to address the economy's structural problems.

Portfolios need to be more active and flexible to ensure returns

17 Aug 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   3
Changes in the investment environment indicate that traditional stock and bond portfolios will underperform.

Investors thinking of getting back into small caps should take note

13 Aug 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   4
Recovery in earnings and share prices might take years.

Tech stocks: a very top-heavy, crowded market

31 Jul 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   10
People are not paying nearly enough attention to what could go wrong – PSG Asset Management's Shaun le Roux.

SA equity funds that lured the most money in a year

27 Jul 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   10
It seems investments are primarily being distributed to smaller funds.

Fund managers without international capabilities may struggle

8 Jul 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   18
The SA investment universe, particularly equities, has shrunk tremendously: Coronation co-founder Thys du Toit.

Have local equity fund managers successfully diversified offshore?

23 Jun 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   12
It's surprising that some funds that invest exclusively in SA are still among the top-performers.

Local or offshore equities?

2 Jun 2020 /  Peter Takaendesa   16
Selecting well-capitalised good quality stocks at reasonable prices is likely to be a good strategy.

Outcomes-based investment is the future

2 Jun 2020 /  Ciaran Ryan   3
Blending a mix of active and passive investment styles.

Time to swap equities for bonds?

22 May 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   29
Bonds quietly outperform the JSE over five years.

How top equity funds protected cash in March and April

19 May 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   6
Is it more important to minimise losses when markets are falling, or to out-perform when they are going up?

A career redefined by African Bank’s collapse

13 May 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   6
Fund manager Sam Houlie has changed his approach to value investing.

Sharp (partial) recovery in share prices

12 May 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   15
The quick jump shows panic selling would have been wrong, but that further recovery requires patience.

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