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Sygnia launches niche funds to capitalise on ‘the future’

Sygnia's Fourth Industrial Revolution and FAANG funds are fast-growing but is it sustainable?

Evolving tactic against investment dogs

Assessing good-stewardship traits can filter out the worst excesses of management.

Smart beta is getting even smarter

Investors are benefiting from a multi-factor approach.

There’s more than one way to skin the market

Investing beyond market cap-weighted indices.

Local ETF investors spoilt for choice

As issuers continue to grow the range of international funds.

DIY: Financial ‘self-help’ plans

I want to start a share portfolio but don’t want to rush. What do you make of my share picks?

Is SA’s worst-performing ETF really so bad?

It's not all about the price.

The shape of SA’s ETF market

It's very different to the US.

Coming to terms with the Satrix Divi

Following the ups and downs of the Dividend Plus Index.

The top ETFs and ETNs of 2017

Rhodium sparkles.

2017’s record ETF inflows

As the industry approaches $5 trillion.

Are more ETFs a good thing?

Is giving investors choice always positive?

SA’s ETF listing boom set to continue

Expect a number of new international offerings.

This ETF has completed five years without single day of outflows

Of the three major US ETFs that invest in emerging markets, the youngest has emerged as the favourite.



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