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The shape of SA’s ETF market

15 Jan 2018 /  Patrick Cairns   5
It's very different to the US.

Coming to terms with the Satrix Divi

12 Jan 2018 /  Patrick Cairns   6
Following the ups and downs of the Dividend Plus Index.

The top ETFs and ETNs of 2017

9 Jan 2018 /  Patrick Cairns   1
Rhodium sparkles.

2017’s record ETF inflows

22 Dec 2017 /  Patrick Cairns   2
As the industry approaches $5 trillion.

Are more ETFs a good thing?

18 Dec 2017 /  Patrick Cairns   1
Is giving investors choice always positive?

Steinhoff is said to win some support for credit extension

13 Dec 2017 /  Jacqueline Poh, Ruth David and Loni Prinsloo, Bloomberg  
Debt rollover request surpasses 1 billion euros, sources say.

SA’s ETF listing boom set to continue

30 Nov 2017 /  Patrick Cairns   2
Expect a number of new international offerings.

This ETF has completed five years without single day of outflows

24 Oct 2017 /  Srinivasan Sivabalan, Bloomberg  
Of the three major US ETFs that invest in emerging markets, the youngest has emerged as the favourite.

SA’s ETF listing boom

29 Sep 2017 /  Patrick Cairns   7
Eight new ETFs listed on the JSE this year already, and more still expected.

Are passive investors caught in a herd mentality?

18 Aug 2017 /  Patrick Cairns   14
And will the cycle turn?

Global ETPs continue to see record inflows

16 Aug 2017 /  Patrick Cairns  
Net inflows for the year to the end of July surpass the whole of 2016.

Why aren’t more asset managers like Vanguard?

14 Aug 2017 /  Patrick Cairns   7
Would they be better businesses if they were?

Can you get low cost outperformance?

6 Jul 2017 /  Patrick Cairns   1
Multi-factor funds may provide a compelling offering.

The rise and rise of ETFs

26 Jun 2017 /  Patrick Cairns   3
How innovation is driving the industry.

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