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Investor who made 450% on one bet says the next is ‘no brainer’

OFI Asset Management is loading up on companies that process dirty water.

Double taxation: did Sars tax me correctly?

I have been a tax resident offshore since 1981. Sars taxed my lump-sum payout from my matured SA annuity policy on the full amount before payment was made into my account.

Offshore transaction: does the money have to come back to SA?

I have an offer for my share of my business, made by my UK partner, in pounds. Do I have to bring the money back into SA?

2017 a tough act to follow – BlackRock

Investors should expect reduced reward for risk, investment firm argues.

Opening up the offshore market for South Africans

Capital International Group brings new offering to assist financial advisors and HNWIs.

‘Let’s take our money and run’

Offshore exposure is part of diversification but a knee-jerk reaction can be costly.

BlackRock to list a fund on JSE

Plans to bring European equity fund to the bourse.

The world’s most investible cities

These cities have similar characteristics that make them attractive to real estate investors.

How does Reg 28 and the grandfather clause affect my portfolio?

My portfolio needs to be rebalanced, as it's no longer protected under the grandfather clause. What happens if I contravene Regulation 28?

Investing offshore for sustained quality returns

Is the approach justified?

What endurance sport can teach about giving financial advice

Kyle O’Haher, founder of Comprehensive Wealth, on bringing sport discipline into business, client relationships, a fixed-income investment product and more.

Don’t take everything offshore just because you can

Consider the fundamental value in South African assets.

Last day to enter our offshore investing survey and win

Financially-savvy South African investors are having to give serious consideration to their offshore portfolios.

GEPF employee: Do I retire or resign?

I am due to retire from the GEPF in three years’ time at 65. Which would be the best: to retire, or resign and invest my lump sum in forex and offshore?



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