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I have offshore funds in a foreign bank. How can I invest these offshore?

31 Mar 2022 /  Elke Brink, Marius Fenwick and Jonathan Braans
Three advisors answer this reader's question.

If you’re planning on moving abroad at some point in the future, start planning now

28 Mar 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
Many South Africans emigrate using low-grade information and without understanding their options.

Why geopolitical tensions shouldn’t mean diluting your offshore exposure

21 Mar 2022 /  Duncan Lamont and Kondi Nkosi
Keep calm and carry on.

What are the top European destinations for South African emigres?

10 Mar 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
Portugal’s Golden Visa programme and Ireland’s investor visa are among the most popular.

Can I transfer my RA offshore?

14 Jan 2022 /  Michael Haldane
No – but you can get offshore exposure.

Major changes in Portugal’s Golden Visa Programme lie just ahead

18 Nov 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan
But for many South Africans it remains the preferred route for a plan B or an exit from SA.

How to approach China’s variable interest entity structures

8 Nov 2021 /  Simon Brown
‘As with anything, you really should be focusing on companies where the value that you're getting exceeds the price that you're going to pay’: Anil Jugmohan of Nedgroup Investments.

A word of advice for those planning to emigrate or work abroad

26 Oct 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan
For the tens of thousands of South Africans working abroad who don’t know where they’ll end up, there’s a pension solution you can take with you.

Should I invest in a South African RA if I will be emigrating in the next two years?

19 Oct 2021 /  Marius Fenwick
Would it be wiser to invest in a tax-free savings account or a normal investment account?

Am I forced to bring funds from my offshore RA back to SA?

7 Sep 2021 /  Mauro Forlin
I wish to keep the RA offshore and then purchase an offshore-based annuity.

Acquire the right to live in Europe via Portugal’s Golden Visa

24 Aug 2021 /  Amanda Visser
Stuart Ferguson from 12 Star Capital discusses this facility, the processes involved, possible tax savings – and impending regulatory changes.

Are South Africans not looking enough at offshore exposure?

19 Aug 2021 /  Simon Brown
‘There is a natural bias towards the US, but that may not always be the case going forward’: Prandhana Naidu from Melville Douglas.

Is Levi Strauss the next Nike?

4 Aug 2021 /  Simon Brown
The pandemic has accelerated the casualisation of the workplace, since all one has to do is look smart from the waist up in a Zoom meeting: Keith McLachlan from Integral Asset Management.

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