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GEPF employee: Do I retire or resign?

I am due to retire from the GEPF in three years’ time at 65. Which would be the best: to retire, or resign and invest my lump sum in forex and offshore?

We high-five when we save one basis point for our clients

Stephen Katzenellenbogen on asset allocation, building a balanced portfolio, NFB's fee structure and making cost savings for clients.

Simple offshore exposure

How Satrix ETFs are broadening investment horizons.

Two top global stock picks

The case for Visa and Starbucks.

Terror and political division in the UK: Is property still a savvy investment?

Now may be the golden moment to venture into the UK buy-to-let property and care home markets.

Investing in the UK care-home market

Investors recognise the high returns of investing in luxury care homes – Arran Kerkvliet – investment director, One Touch.

Investing in UK student property

Arran Kerkvliet of One Touch Property Investment outlines the benefits of foreigners investing in student accommodation in sought after locations in the UK.

Kim Kardashian and the unpredictable rand

Investing offshore should be done for the right reasons.

Treasury services: simplified

Why global citizens need to manage their foreign exchange exposure smartly.

The Chinese market is massively inefficient – Liang Du

Investment perspectives from Shanghai.

1% to SA is a fair allocation

Dividend products tell the story.

Are you sending money offshore now?

Market commentators have no crystal ball and following them blindly can cost you real money.

SA vs offshore: It’s about risk mitigation

A major discussion point for 2017 is a focus on the 'risk-appropriate' side of the equation.

Good opportunities in global equities: PSG

Overall there's a strong case to be made for investing globally: Philipp Wörz.

SA: Out of (innovative) investment ideas?

Tactically it makes sense to position your portfolios to give you access to a complete suite of sectors - Iwan Swiegers.



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