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More offshore feeder funds closed to new investments

2 Feb 2016 /  Ingé Lamprecht  
Schemes reach foreign exposure limit amid rand weakness.

Capital guaranteed with new rand-hedge product from Investec

20 Jan 2016 /  Hanna Ziady   2
Offers investors exposure to growing consumer economies.

Top ETFs since 2010

7 Jan 2016 /  Patrick Cairns   1
Rand hedge funds the big winners.

Real estate investors still prefer home markets

3 Nov 2015 /  Ingé Lamprecht  
But global trend slowly changing.

db X-trackers mulls foreign options

16 Oct 2015 /  Ingé Lamprecht   4
Possibility to convert MSCI China ETN to ETF as economy gains importance.

The end for emerging economies?

30 Sep 2015 /  Ingé Lamprecht   1
Look at facts, lose your biases – Investec Asset Management CEO Hendrik du Toit.

Questions around Allan Gray’s new benchmark

17 Sep 2015 /  Patrick Cairns   19
The arguments for and against using a category average.

Offshore investing explained in 3 graphs

16 Sep 2015 /  Ingé Lamprecht   10
The why and the how.

Africa real estate developments on the up

31 Aug 2015 /  Ray Mahlaka   1
As capital shifts from South Africa to the rest of the continent.

Still sensible to invest offshore?

26 Aug 2015 /  Ingé Lamprecht   1
Investors skittish following currency depreciation.

Four key considerations when taking money offshore

21 Aug 2015 /  Patrick Cairns   2
What to think about when moving your money.

Benefits of Investec’s FTSE 100 Multiplier

17 Aug 2015 /    
Brian McMillian: We've put a high gearing into the FTSE 100 so the investor gets 10x the return to a cap.

Investec structured products: FTSE 100 Multiplier

28 Jul 2015 /  Investec  
Structured products offer offshore opportunities despite a weak rand.

How to invest in funds offshore

17 Jul 2015 /  Patrick Cairns   14
Investing in hard currency has become much easier.

8 000 dollar millionaires have left SA since 2000

10 Jul 2015 /  Patrick Cairns   7
A new study highlights the movements of the wealthy.

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