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Atlantic Seaboard house price growth now barely positive

Has the drought had an impact?

What is the tax impact of a loan to my daughter?

I want to loan my daughter money to build a property, with a contract in place on how interest and capital will be repaid.

Park Square’s big plans to transform Umhlanga

A new mixed-used development will open its doors in November.

A sure sign of Cape Town’s Airbnb boom

‘Affordability’ fast becoming a myth….

Listed property: The cost of Resilient jitters

The Cinderella story of listed property has come to a screeching halt but SA-focused stocks are staging a comeback.

Vukile’s R4bn gamble in Spain

There are mixed views about South African property companies diversifying into Europe.

Are resident associations being captured by the property industry?

Sea Point shows how developers use these organisations to advance their own interests
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UK property market offers discounts for SA investors

Falling UK property prices and the strong rand are paving the way for discounted buy-to-let property investments.

How to object to shock Joburg property valuations

Onus is on you to prove that your house is worth less than estimated.

Atlantic Seaboard house price growth cools sharply

But things are heating up in the Northern Suburbs.

Would it be crazy to sell my house and take the proceeds overseas?

I'm thinking of selling my house and depositing the proceeds overseas as an insurance policy against further political upheaval.

Sol Kerzner’s new property career

The former hotelier said he is unfazed by SA’s political uncertainty as he launches a R1 billion residential property estate.
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A perspective on property

Listed property outlook for 2018.

Cape Town house prices slow amid water crunch 

As Day Zero fast approaches, property prices in the Mother City are beginning to decline as up-country buyers retreat.



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