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LATEST Unit Trusts  

MiPlan and Kagiso the big winners at the Raging Bulls

Highlighting how the industry has changed.

Putting the last 10 years in perspective

How have investors in balanced funds fared?

This is how difficult it has been for local equity managers

The risk and reward numbers tell a story.

SA’s top performing unit trusts over 10 years

Which funds stand out over the long term?

The best and worst performing unit trusts of 2019

There's a difference of more than 90% between them.

Has your money been better off with a big manager, or a small one?

It depends …

Three lessons for investors from the past five years

Comparing the performance of equity and balanced unit trusts.

Why it’s so difficult to pick a good unit trust

And even more difficult to stick with it.

My plan to make R1 million on the JSE continued (Part 2)

Being far short of the goal, and with only a small portfolio, drastic action is called for.

My plan to make R1 million on the JSE

Taking a bet on a few forgotten stocks and some that have the potential to recover.

Old Mutual will not be closing its gold fund

Despite a successful ballot.

Why looking for a catalyst is not always helpful

If forecasting, checklists and even economic data don’t always help, what does?

Three in four active equity managers have underperformed

The latest Spiva scorecard is not encouraging for the average investor.

How the Naspers unbundling affects your index-tracking fund

Different funds will see very different impacts.

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