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Why an extra R10 a month can be a big deal

BCI's extra charge reveals a challenge to the industry.

Has your equity fund manager out-performed over the last five years?

You're fortunate if they have

SA’s top performing global equity funds

Taking advantage of a wider opportunity set.

How can I invest for good returns, but with low risk?

Are unit trusts or fixed deposit accounts the better option?

Ray of light on small- to medium-cap horizon

‘I would say it’s very positive over a medium-term horizon for small and mid-cap shares' - Vanessa van Vuuren, fund manager at Sanlam Small Cap Fund.

Red flags in the longest bull market

There are many concerning global factors at the moment.

Investors must ignore short-term market noise

Warren Buffett is a good proponent of sitting on your hands when the markets are up and down - Martin de Kock, director at Ascor Independent Wealth Managers.

There’s more than one way to skin the market

Investing beyond market cap-weighted indices.

Why balanced funds make sense

When you look at the returns investors have experienced.

Do you know how much you’re paying your asset manager?

Changes taking place in the UK will make it explicit, and expect the same to come to SA.

Why are some asset managers changing their benchmarks?

Is it for the right reasons?

Is your equity fund manager beating the benchmark?

According to the latest SPIVA results, probably not.

10 facts about SA fund managers you should know

Glacier unpacks the industry.

Balanced funds in a tough spot

Category generally underperforming targets over the past two years.



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