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Will a donation to my spouse trigger capital gains tax?

I’m married out of community of property and would like to donate unit trusts to my spouse.

No significant drop in unit trust fees

Over the last six years – Nedgroup Investments analysis.

Are passive investors caught in a herd mentality?

And will the cycle turn?

Why aren’t more asset managers like Vanguard?

Would they be better businesses if they were?

I’ve sold my house: How do I invest the proceeds?

I want to use the proceeds for my daughter’s studies, or else as a deposit in two years’ time.

How can I build an ‘extra fund’ to retire early?

I’m 22 and would like an ‘extra fund’ to use to retire early, buy an investment property, travel or start a business.

Going beyond past performance

Is there a better way to rate funds?

SA’s most expensive balanced funds

Are investors really getting value for money?

Allan Gray stays top of Morningstar’s fund manager ratings

Maintains the highest ratings across its range.

Can you get low cost outperformance?

Multi-factor funds may provide a compelling offering.

Investing in shares: How do I minimise fees, tax?

I’d like to invest in shares on the JSE, across all sectors, monthly. How do I minimise fees and what are the tax implications?

Managing a unit trust portfolio in uncertain times

I recently inherited a large sum of money – have I invested it in the right unit trust?

Active and passive managers have the same problem

The challenge of building portfolios in the SA market.

Tax on share portfolios versus unit trusts

Are share portfolios becoming tax dinosaurs when, with collective investment schemes, you get the same thing but pay far less tax?



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