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LATEST Unit Trusts  

How the Naspers unbundling affects your index-tracking fund

Different funds will see very different impacts.

SA is behind the curve on unit trust fees

Other parts of the world are seeing costs fall more quickly.

ZAR X to launch innovative unit trust platform

The offering will charge no ongoing fees.

Old Mutual to shut its two resource sector unit trusts

It will simplify its offering, but not all investors are pleased.

Stanlib faces complaints over Africa Property Fund losses

Fund of funds managers ask regulator to investigate.

This is how much SA unit trusts have struggled

Few have managed to beat an inflation plus 3% target.

The funds most exposed to Sasol

Counting the cost of the problems at Lake Charles.

The funds most exposed to UK property stocks

And the impact as share prices fall.

How will I be taxed on unit trust withdrawals?

Local unit trusts generally attract dividend and interest taxes and possibly capital gains tax on withdrawal.

How best do I invest for my grandchildren?

Investing into one or two individual shares exposes you to significant risk.

This is not fake news

Active managers need to catch a wake-up.

Should I invest a lump sum or contribute monthly?

The amount of time you spend in the market and the frequency with which you invest are two important factors to consider.

How local equity unit trusts have performed over the last 10 years

It's been a struggle.

Still standing after 10 years of turmoil

The Investec Value Fund has surged 26% in the last 12 months.



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