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Investment industry commends Treasury decision to withdraw tax proposals

Tax treatment of collective investment schemes will not change for now.

No wonder investors are confused

There's no simple way to pick a fund manager.

SA’s top-performing equity funds

The struggle to find outperformance.

The top-performing worldwide flexible funds

The benefit of unconstrained mandates.

Have balanced funds changed investor behaviour?

An analysis of unit trusts statistics suggests they have.

Your equity fund has probably underperformed

And it's not because of Naspers.

Inside the mind of the balanced fund manager

After a very tough three-year period.

SA’s top performing multi-asset income funds

Outperforming the money market.

Why an extra R10 a month can be a big deal

BCI's extra charge reveals a challenge to the industry.

Has your equity fund manager out-performed over the last five years?

You're fortunate if they have

SA’s top performing global equity funds

Taking advantage of a wider opportunity set.

How can I invest for good returns, but with low risk?

Are unit trusts or fixed deposit accounts the better option?

Ray of light on small- to medium-cap horizon

‘I would say it’s very positive over a medium-term horizon for small and mid-cap shares' - Vanessa van Vuuren, fund manager at Sanlam Small Cap Fund.

Red flags in the longest bull market

There are many concerning global factors at the moment.



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