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How fees take a big bite out of your retirement savings

Infographic puts contributions and returns into perspective.

SA, Kenya, Nigeria plan more ETF cross-listings

Once we have the ETF framework, we'll be ready to have Absa gold and platinum ETFs cross-listed in Nairobi - NSE.

Fund of funds – should they still exist?

Robert Walton shares his views with Warren Ingram.

The difference between bull and bear markets

Navigating the cycles.

Even children can invest in tax free savings accounts

A TFSA is a highly tax-efficient way to supplement pre-retirement savings: Nadia Muller - manager of legal and compliance, Sygnia.

A look back and forward at the hedge fund industry

An industry on the up.

Six myths about tax-free savings accounts

Setting the record straight.

How to pick an asset manager

‘With a significant governance budget there are a few gems to be found.’

The rising popularity of index trackers

Iain Anderson: we have over R7 billion in index strategies.

Unpacking the active vs passive debate

Time to remove the rose coloured glasses.

How to evaluate performance fees

Questions to ask your fund manager.

Lessons from SA’s best equity fund

The power of dividends, listed property and staying invested for the long term.

Index-tracking costs – why product structure matters

Who pays what and where is it disclosed?

RECM: ‘We are not going to change our stripes’

Managers of the Nedgroup Investments Managed Fund will stick to its convictions.

Where to for the Nedgroup Investments Managed Fund?

Changes at RECM raise questions.



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