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My plan to make R1 million on the JSE continued (Part 2)

13 Nov 2019 /  Adriaan Kruger   20
Being far short of the goal, and with only a small portfolio, drastic action is called for.

My plan to make R1 million on the JSE

11 Nov 2019 /  Adriaan Kruger   17
Taking a bet on a few forgotten stocks and some that have the potential to recover.

Old Mutual will not be closing its gold fund

1 Nov 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   16
Despite a successful ballot.

Why looking for a catalyst is not always helpful

28 Oct 2019 /  Anet Ahern   1
If forecasting, checklists and even economic data don’t always help, what does?

Three in four active equity managers have underperformed

15 Oct 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   22
The latest Spiva scorecard is not encouraging for the average investor.

How the Naspers unbundling affects your index-tracking fund

23 Sep 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   2
Different funds will see very different impacts.

SA is behind the curve on unit trust fees

20 Sep 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   14
Other parts of the world are seeing costs fall more quickly.

ZAR X to launch innovative unit trust platform

19 Sep 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   18
The offering will charge no ongoing fees.

Old Mutual to shut its two resource sector unit trusts

10 Sep 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   27
It will simplify its offering, but not all investors are pleased.

Stanlib faces complaints over Africa Property Fund losses

6 Sep 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   6
Fund of funds managers ask regulator to investigate.

This is how much SA unit trusts have struggled

5 Sep 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   17
Few have managed to beat an inflation plus 3% target.

The funds most exposed to Sasol

19 Aug 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   20
Counting the cost of the problems at Lake Charles.

The funds most exposed to UK property stocks

12 Aug 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   5
And the impact as share prices fall.

How will I be taxed on unit trust withdrawals?

7 Aug 2019 /  Richus Nel  
Local unit trusts generally attract dividend and interest taxes and possibly capital gains tax on withdrawal.

How best do I invest for my grandchildren?

1 Aug 2019 /  Eric Jordaan  
Investing into one or two individual shares exposes you to significant risk.

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