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LATEST Environment and sustainability  

Wind-turbine blades once doomed for landfill can now be recycled

13 Dec 2020 /  Will Wade, Bloomberg  
Turbine blades can be bigger than the wing of a Boeing 747, and many of them end up in landfills once they’re removed from service.

Companies taking strong climate action doubled this year, CDP says

12 Dec 2020 /  Todd Gillespie, Bloomberg   1
According to a new analysis by a leading environmental-disclosure platform.

Global temperatures already 1.2ºC above pre-industrial levels

3 Dec 2020 /  Laura Millan Lombrana, Bloomberg    3
2020 on track to being one of the three warmest years on record.

World’s biggest wind park to be built offshore UK

28 Nov 2020 /  Lars Paulsson, Bloomberg  
Total investment in the first two phases of the project will be around 6bn pounds.

Green cars aren’t that clean in SA

17 Nov 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   17
Eskom's high emissions, together with high import taxes and steep prices, detract from the allure of electric vehicles.

Covid gives tourism a chance to curb environmental damage

22 Oct 2020 /  Michelle Jamrisko, Bloomberg   
Year of the pandemic shows record drop in global greenhouse gas emissions.

World Bank still investing billions in fossil fuels, study shows

12 Oct 2020 /  Vanessa Dezem, Bloomberg    1
Despite pledging to fight climate change.

Shocking charges of serious environmental offences by Eskom

28 Apr 2020 /  Chris Yelland   26
Data supplied by utility described as a ‘gross misrepresentation’ – and no sign of action plan called for by government.

Researchers debate whether global emissions have peaked

22 Feb 2020 /   Eric Roston, Bloomberg   3
New energy and old energy are cancelling each other out.

Solar and wind power can’t compete with gas this cheap

15 Feb 2020 /  Naureen Malik and Brian Eckhouse, Bloomberg    19
The renewable energy sources are certainly winning in many markets on price alone.

Companies tighten climate goals as scientific outlook darkens

22 Sep 2019 /  Eric Roston, Bloomberg    5
To date, more than 630 companies from 43 countries have signed the 2015 agreement.

The world’s biggest offshore wind farm will be as cheap as coal

21 Sep 2019 /  William Mathis, Bloomberg    27
The price of electricity from offshore wind farms is plunging.

The next target in the climate-change debate: your gas stove

14 Sep 2019 /  Valerie Volcovici and Nichola Groom, Reuters   44
California becomes the first US city to pass an ordinance banning gas systems in new buildings.

Sustainable investing is becoming the new normal

12 Sep 2019 /  Larry Claasen   3
Corporate SA is ahead of the curve when it comes to impact investments.

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