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Is green hydrogen a ‘game changer’ in clean energy transition?

26 Jun 2022 /  Anastasia Moloney and Fabio Teixeira, Thomson Reuters Foundation
Fuel hailed for potential to cut oil, gas dependence.

Biodiversity loss may push developing world closer to default

25 Jun 2022 /  Philip Aldrick, Bloomberg 
'Many developing nations are at significant risk of sovereign debt default.'

The air in Highveld cities doesn’t smell good in winter: here’s why

21 Jun 2022 /  Rebecca Garland
Pollution levels in the region are often unacceptably high.

Europe may shift back to coal as Russia turns down gas flows

20 Jun 2022 /  Vera Eckert and Francesca Landini, Bloomberg 
Italy, Austria also looking at burning more coal.

The investors putting billions into climate tech don’t plan to stop now

18 Jun 2022 /  Mark Bergen, Bloomberg
'There’s too much vested interest to go back to clean tech 1.0.'

China’s clean air campaign is bringing down global pollution

14 Jun 2022 /  Bloomberg News
The country has slashed air pollution in recent years.

ESG fund bosses hit by ‘reckoning’ as Goldman, DWS in crosshairs

13 Jun 2022 /  Bloomberg News
Comments come as ESG fund managers digest the crackdown that just hit their industry.

Massive Antarctica glaciers have melted the most in at least 5 500 years

10 Jun 2022 /  Laura Millan Lombrana, Bloomberg 
Suggesting the retreat could be irreversible.

California’s all-renewable moment shows the future of the power grid

8 May 2022 /  Nathaniel Bullard, Bloomberg
On the last day of April, California hit a milestone: For a brief spell during a sunny Saturday afternoon, renewable sources met 99.87% of electricity demand.

Sasol ‘reinventing itself’

26 Apr 2022 /  Paul Burkhardt, Bloomberg
Europe’s energy rush spurs company to quicken green hydrogen plan.

Credibility of ESG reporting and data under the spotlight

7 Apr 2022 /  Adriaan Kruger
Study shows hugely different results when competing agencies rank JSE-listed companies.

Greenwashing is increasingly making ESG moot

19 Mar 2022 /  Tim Quinson, Bloomberg
Is there a future for it?

Court orders government to clean up air in coal belt

18 Mar 2022 /  Tim Cocks, Reuters
Giving the environment minister a year to make regulations to put into effect a clean air plan.

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