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LATEST Environment and sustainability  

Budweiser brings environmentally friendly beer cans to Europe

21 Sep 2021 /  Joe Deaux, Bloomberg    2
New metal-making technology doesn’t emit carbon dioxide.

SA adopts lower emission target ahead of COP26 meeting

20 Sep 2021 /  Antony Sguazzin, Bloomberg   2
Cabinet also approves submission of the Climate Change Bill to parliament.

Rich nations to miss climate fund goal even by 2025, Oxfam says

20 Sep 2021 /  John Ainger, Bloomberg   
'Wealthy nations must live up to their promise made 12 years ago and put their money where their mouths are.'

We pay to treat waste water, why not waste carbon?

18 Sep 2021 /  Akshat Rathi, Bloomberg News    1
Companies that extract fossil fuels should be responsible for ensuring the same amount of CO₂ generated from using them is buried back deep underground.

Taking the gas (and coal) out of heat

18 Sep 2021 /     4
Companies willing to explore every application of renewable heat today can help create the markets and technologies of tomorrow.

Are economists to blame for climate inaction?

17 Sep 2021 /  Gernot Wagner, Bloomberg    3
It could be all about politics.

Rich nations all but stall on key $100bn climate fund goal

17 Sep 2021 /  Jessica Shankleman, Bloomberg    2
Total climate finance provided and mobilised by rich countries for developing nations increased just 2% in 2019.

British Airways invites passengers to pay for sustainable fuel

7 Sep 2021 /  Charlotte Ryan, Bloomberg    5
Sustainable fuel has emerged as a key element in helping carriers cut CO2 emissions.

South Africa sets rule to lower sulfur in diesel fuel by 2023

5 Sep 2021 /  Paul Burkhardt, Bloomberg    2
As climate-change regulations prompt a shift away from traditional fuels.

A tale of two wildfires

4 Sep 2021 /  Laura Millan Lombrana, Bloomberg   1
Lessons from Europe’s blazing summer.

Ninety One: SA could get shut out of capital markets

29 Aug 2021 /  Justin Brown   34
South Africa faces pressure to cut carbon emissions, as it is the world’s twelfth-highest emitter.

Racing cars are about to start running on wine dregs

28 Aug 2021 /  Damian Shepherd, Bloomberg  
Automakers and energy giants are rethinking the environmental impact of motorsports.

The coal price has skyrocketed in 2021

22 Aug 2021 /  Michael Tamvakis  
What does it mean for net zero?

Tokyo 2020: how did the latest Olympics rank against others for sustainability?

15 Aug 2021 /  John Karamichas  
The Olympics can no longer ignore the environmental challenges of the modern world.

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