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Mining among the least happy industries – survey

8 Feb 2016 /  Prinesha Naidoo  
Culture at the heart of happy industries.

Vantage Goldfields press statement on accident

5 Feb 2016 /  Vantage Goldfields  
The search continues for three miners.

End users forced to become custodians of their supply chains

28 Jan 2016 /  Lara Smith (Core Consultants)  
Following the Huayou Cobalt child labour scandal.

Gold mining companies push for a legacy fund

14 Dec 2015 /  Nastassia Arendse  
Fund will issue top-up payment to eligible silicosis claimants. The reputation of the entire industry is at stake.

Environmentalists warn against seabed mining in SA

10 Dec 2015 /  Prinesha Naidoo  
Say marine phosphate mining off SA’s shores poses threat to marine ecosystems and commercial fishing.

Silicosis case: SA mine workers playing in uneven field

9 Dec 2015 /  Nastassia Arendse  
‘There is a big problem of unfairness here’ – health expert.

Brazil sues BHP, Vale for $5bn in damages for mine disaster

1 Dec 2015 /  Anthony Boadle, Reuters  
Says collapse of a tailings dam was its worst environmental disaster.

Is the U.S. managing mine water reclamation correctly?

9 Oct 2015 /  Carolyn Kotsol (Winner Water Services)  
There could be many more Gold King Mines in the making.

Mine water atlas soon to come on stream

16 Sep 2015 /  Kim Cloete, John Culverwell  
‘No country in the world has done this before’ – Water Research Commission.

‘Adversarial’ SA relations add to job cuts – Anglo

31 Jul 2015 /  Andre Janse van Vuuren (Bloomberg)  
Country’s mining industry has underperformed global peers in recent years.

Contamination: tread lightly when assessing sites

22 Jul 2015 /  Warren Dick  
Defining ‘contamination’ within site-specific characteristics is easier said than done. Watch video.

Global mining companies face succession crisis

20 Jul 2015 /  Susan Taylor & Nicole Mordant (Reuters)  
Several mining CEOs are well into their 60s and seen on their way out.

Planning for Nemwa and land remediation costs

15 Jul 2015 /  Blair Burmeister  
Watch the video: adopting an economical approach.

What remedial action can be done for land rehabilitation?

1 Jul 2015 /  Warren Dick  
Golder Associates: Beyond phase two site assessments.

Reporting on contamination: proceed with caution

30 Jun 2015 /  Mineweb  
‘Stop, get your facts straight – then report if necessary’ – Environmental lawyer

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