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LATEST Environment and sustainability  

Is the U.S. managing mine water reclamation correctly?

9 Oct 2015 /  Carolyn Kotsol (Winner Water Services)  
There could be many more Gold King Mines in the making.

Mine water atlas soon to come on stream

16 Sep 2015 /  Kim Cloete, John Culverwell  
‘No country in the world has done this before’ – Water Research Commission.

‘Adversarial’ SA relations add to job cuts – Anglo

31 Jul 2015 /  Andre Janse van Vuuren (Bloomberg)  
Country’s mining industry has underperformed global peers in recent years.

Contamination: tread lightly when assessing sites

22 Jul 2015 /  Warren Dick  
Defining ‘contamination’ within site-specific characteristics is easier said than done. Watch video.

Global mining companies face succession crisis

20 Jul 2015 /  Susan Taylor & Nicole Mordant (Reuters)  
Several mining CEOs are well into their 60s and seen on their way out.

Planning for Nemwa and land remediation costs

15 Jul 2015 /  Blair Burmeister  
Watch the video: adopting an economical approach.

What remedial action can be done for land rehabilitation?

1 Jul 2015 /  Warren Dick  
Golder Associates: Beyond phase two site assessments.

Reporting on contamination: proceed with caution

30 Jun 2015 /  Mineweb  
‘Stop, get your facts straight – then report if necessary’ – Environmental lawyer

Mining rising out of the downturn

17 Jun 2015 /  Cole Latimer (Australian Mining)  
Mining has reached the bottom of the downturn, says a new IBISWorld report.

Waste legislation could cost mining companies

13 May 2015 /  Eleanor Seggie  
Industry looks to pending amendments to keep them afloat.

S.Africa’s DMR and Chamber of Mines to face off in court

31 Mar 2015 /  Sungula Nkabinde  
‘Once empowered always empowered’ stalemate to be resolved by the courts.

What Citi misses about mining revolutions

20 Feb 2015 /  Kip Keen  
Advances in mineral exploration are needed to support discoveries.

Experts debate benefits, drawbacks of post-mining pit lakes

27 Jan 2015 /  Dorothy Kosich  
While not always pretty, mining pit lakes may offer a bounty of benefits … at a hefty cost.

Tin alloy fuel catalysts to save fuel and cut pollution

7 Jan 2015 /  Lawrence Williams  
ITRI is calling for more research into use of tin pellets as fuel additive to increase fuel economy in, and significantly cut emission levels from, internal combustion engines.

Mining’s penchant for temp staffing will hurt industry long-term

7 Jan 2015 /  Dorothy Kosich  
“We have to ask ourselves whether mining and resources firms’ focus on short-term hiring will be sufficient in addressing long-term issues.”

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