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Mining rising out of the downturn

17 Jun 2015 /  Cole Latimer (Australian Mining)  
Mining has reached the bottom of the downturn, says a new IBISWorld report.

Waste legislation could cost mining companies

13 May 2015 /  Eleanor Seggie  
Industry looks to pending amendments to keep them afloat.

S.Africa’s DMR and Chamber of Mines to face off in court

31 Mar 2015 /  Sungula Nkabinde  
‘Once empowered always empowered’ stalemate to be resolved by the courts.

What Citi misses about mining revolutions

20 Feb 2015 /  Kip Keen  
Advances in mineral exploration are needed to support discoveries.

Experts debate benefits, drawbacks of post-mining pit lakes

27 Jan 2015 /  Dorothy Kosich  
While not always pretty, mining pit lakes may offer a bounty of benefits … at a hefty cost.

Tin alloy fuel catalysts to save fuel and cut pollution

7 Jan 2015 /  Lawrence Williams  
ITRI is calling for more research into use of tin pellets as fuel additive to increase fuel economy in, and significantly cut emission levels from, internal combustion engines.

Mining’s penchant for temp staffing will hurt industry long-term

7 Jan 2015 /  Dorothy Kosich  
“We have to ask ourselves whether mining and resources firms’ focus on short-term hiring will be sufficient in addressing long-term issues.”

Mining suppliers face loss-making deals to stay alive

27 Nov 2014 /  Silvia Antonioli & Sonali Paul (Reuters)  
Shares in mining equipment and services firms have plunged 22% this year.

Harper govt. expands support for offshore Canadian mining

19 Nov 2014 /  Dorothy Kosich  
The Extractive Sector Strategy builds on Canadian government’s plan for responsible resource development both domestically and abroad.

Mining sector must dig deep to find profitability

12 Nov 2014 /  Sungula Nkabinde  
The challenges affecting the financials of SA miners – an in-depth look by PwC.

Mining CEOs call for global fight against Ebola

9 Sep 2014 /  Dorothy Kosich  
Mining companies are joining forces, urging the global community to help fight Ebola in affected West African countries.

Productivity tops mining business risk – EY report

28 Jul 2014 /  Dorothy Kosich  
“The decade-long decline in productivity…will require complete business transformations to reverse,” says EY’s Mike Elliot.

Managing dwindling energy, water resources a top priority for mining

28 Jul 2014 /  Dorothy Kosich  
Burgeoning energy costs and competing water demands, particularly in Chile, Peru, South Africa and Mongolia, make managing costs a priority, says a new EY report.

Broad transformation needed in global mining – EY

2 Jul 2014 /  Dorothy Kosich  
Given the right levels of investment, significant gains are possible through innovating mining and processing methods, says EY.

‘Big Data’ will drive sustainable mining productivity – Deloitte

20 May 2014 /  Dorothy Kosich  
The automation of operational data collection and delivery will enable mining operators to make informed, real- time decisions concerning daily mining operations, as well as improve safety.

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