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West Coast breakthrough: environments and miner reach agreement

23 Jun 2022 /  John Yeld, GroundUp
Mineral Sands Resources has prevented legal action, at least for now, over its West Coast operations.

‘Horrific’ sexual assaults uncovered in Australia mining inquiry

23 Jun 2022 /  Bloomberg News
BHP Group and Rio Tinto Group implicated.

Crude oil hit again as recession angst rips through commodities

23 Jun 2022 /  Elizabeth Low, Bloomberg 
US oil benchmark, gasoline futures have slumped on recession fears.

SA not getting full slice of commodity boom

22 Jun 2022 /  Adriaan Kruger
Strikes, electricity disruptions, failing infrastructure, policy uncertainty and (even) bad weather limit production.

Glencore subsidiary pleads guilty in Britain to bribery

21 Jun 2022 /  Kirstin Ridley, Reuters
The commodity trading giant already expects to pay up to $1.5bn to settle allegations of bribery and market manipulation.

Over-optimism among China steel-makers behind iron ore’s plunge

21 Jun 2022 /  Liz Ng, Bloomberg
Margins at Chinese steel mills have plunged below zero.

Gold inches higher as dollar dips; wider rate-hike narrative in focus

21 Jun 2022 /  Bharat Gautam, Bloomberg 
US dollar drops for second consecutive session.

The air in Highveld cities doesn’t smell good in winter: here’s why

21 Jun 2022 /  Rebecca Garland
Pollution levels in the region are often unacceptably high.

Not so fast with gas, says Meridian Economics

21 Jun 2022 /  Moneyweb
Outdated policy could result in 40% premium on electricity prices.

Northam chairman, Vodacom director David Brown has died

20 Jun 2022 /  Felix Njini and Loni Prinsloo, Bloomberg
The mining veteran was 59.

Europe may shift back to coal as Russia turns down gas flows

20 Jun 2022 /  Vera Eckert and Francesca Landini, Bloomberg 
Italy, Austria also looking at burning more coal.

African energy access is priority with gas to industrialise, IEA says

20 Jun 2022 /  Paul Burkhardt, Bloomberg
It's profoundly unjust that Africa, which has contributed the least to global warming, is bearing the brunt of the most severe climate impacts: IEA.

Oil prices inch lower as global economic worries outweigh tightening supply

20 Jun 2022 /  Florence Tan and Isabel Kua, Reuters
'Clearly macro factors are driving oil at the moment, rather than fundamentals, which are still supportive.'

The investors putting billions into climate tech don’t plan to stop now

18 Jun 2022 /  Mark Bergen, Bloomberg
'There’s too much vested interest to go back to clean tech 1.0.'

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