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The latest in cryptocurrency news from Moneyweb.

Crypto crash erases more than $1trn in market value

22 Jan 2022 /  Vildana Hajric, Bloomberg
For Bitcoin, there’s only been one constant recently: decline after decline after decline.

Bitcoin tumbles below $40 000 to lowest level in five months

21 Jan 2022 /  Joanna Ossinger
Other cryptocurrencies also dropped, such as Binance Coin, Cardano and Solana. 

Expectations for crypto in 2022

21 Jan 2022 /  Simon Brown
The fact that ‘governments and central banks around the world are ... really worried about this new digital-currency asset class ... [is] essentially validation in many respects’ Revix CEO and founder Sean Sanders.

Bank of Russia seeks to outlaw mining and trading of Crypto

21 Jan 2022 /  Evgenia Pismennaya and Andrey Biryukov, Bloomberg
Citing the dangers posed to the country’s financial system and environment. 

Bitcoin’s correlation with tech strengthens as risk appetite returns

21 Jan 2022 /  Akayla Gardner and Emily Nicolle, Bloomberg
Bitcoin is proving once again that its long-touted classification as an uncorrelated asset is more folklore than fact.

OVEX exits crypto arbitrage while announcing multi-country expansion programme

21 Jan 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
The focus of the business will be its OTC desk, with a R100m rewards programme aimed at attracting crypto whales.

Crypto evangelists with their backs against the wall

20 Jan 2022 /  Robyn Wilkinson
Cryptocurrency supporters can’t decide whether they are part of a revolutionary act or a get-rich-quick scheme.

Bitcoin’s dominance declines as altcoins take over

19 Jan 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
There’s a fundamental shift in the way cryptos are being measured by investors.

Why Binance Coin is on a tear

19 Jan 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
Binance’s Africa lead Brenton Naicker explains why Binance Coin (BNB) ran circles around the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum over the last 12 months, and where investors are putting their money.

Two crypto certainties for 2022: regulation and central bank digital currencies

18 Jan 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
Luno sees regulation as a long-awaited and positive move for the industry.

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