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LATEST Bitcoin  

Bitcoin drops from all-time high after failing to hit $20 000

2 Dec 2020 /  Todd White, Eric Lam and Claire Ballentine, Bloomberg    2
Scepticism over rally continues.

What Bitcoin’s new record means for Wall Street

1 Dec 2020 /  Lionel Laurent, Bloomberg  
Last month, the cryptocurrency hit $18,000 for the first time since 2018

Momentum and mysteries: investors reflect on Bitcoin’s record run

1 Dec 2020 /  Vildana Hajric and Claire Ballentine, Bloomberg  
Bitcoin rose as much as 8.7% to $19,857, nearly 2% higher than its 2017 peak.

Bitcoin is the new store of value and ‘very undervalued’

1 Dec 2020 /  Ciaran Ryan   14
And that’s reflected in its astonishing 150% price surge in 2020.

Bitcoin rallies toward $19,000

30 Nov 2020 /  Todd White, Bloomberg  
After biggest rout since pandemic.

Bitcoin is winning the Covid-19 monetary revolution

30 Nov 2020 /  Niall Ferguson, Bloomberg   1
This year’s Bitcoin rally has caught many smart people by surprise.

Bitcoin’s rocky comeback from fringes to mainstream

27 Nov 2020 /  Todd White and Eddie van der Walt, Bloomberg  
In charts.

Bitcoin pierces $19,000 for first time since 2017

24 Nov 2020 /  Todd White, Bloomberg   1
As the mania over digital currencies continues to grip Wall Street.

Bitcoin hits seriously overbought territory, but the ride may not be over

24 Nov 2020 /  Ciaran Ryan   14
The previous high of $20 000 is now in sight.

Bitcoin ‘vulnerable to correction’

20 Nov 2020 /  Moneyweb   12
Though Citibank sees it at $318 000 in 2021.

Bitcoin tops $17 000

17 Nov 2020 /  Vildana Hajric, Bloomberg   2
For first time since December 2017.

Bitcoin’s gunning for a record and no one’s talking about it

17 Nov 2020 /  Bloomberg News   
Coin crashed following its 2017 high but has recouped losses recently.

Is Breck Integrated Investment legit?

12 Nov 2020 /  Trent Hodges   1
It claims the return on your investment can be up to 65% in 30 days.

Bitcoin extends rally

5 Nov 2020 /  Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg  
With chart watchers eyeing $20 000.

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