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Bitcoin stabilises after heavy losses

14 Jun 2022 /  Tom Wilson, Elizabeth Howcroft and Hannah Lang, Reuters
But pessimism reigns in crypto markets.

Bitcoin stems heavy losses but pessimism reigns in crypto markets

14 Jun 2022 /  Tom Wilson and Elizabeth Howcroft, Reuters
After falling 15% on Monday.

Bitcoin slumps as much as 10% in deepening crypto sector selloff

14 Jun 2022 /  Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg 
A range of other tokens are also nursing losses.

Bitcoin tumbles to 18-month low as US inflation impact spreads

13 Jun 2022 /  Joanna Ossinger and Suvashree Ghosh, Bloomberg 
Other coins also having a difficult time.

Why South Africans are optimistic about Bitcoin

8 Jun 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
Perhaps because they have learned not to trust the rand.

MTI’s Johann Steynberg fights extradition from Brazil

8 Jun 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
But is he going to raise the Ronnie Biggs Great Train Robbery defence?

Bitcoin tumbles as much as 7.1% to drop back below $30 000

7 Jun 2022 /  Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg
The largest cryptocurrency fell as much as 7.1% to $29 209, a level not seen since May 30.

Bitcoin heads higher in attempt to escape $30 000 level

6 Jun 2022 /  Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg
The largest cryptocurrency gained 2.1% to $30 559 as of 9:29 a.m. in Singapore on Monday.

Bitcoin rallies above $30 000 as China eases Covid curbs

31 May 2022 /  Joanna Ossinger and Muyao Shen, Bloomberg
The largest cryptocurrency was up 5.2% to $30 687 at 2:21 p.m. in New York, its biggest increase since May 15.

Bitcoin may still be primed for a further drop from range

30 May 2022 /  Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg
Bitcoin climbed for a third day, jumping as much as 3.7%, but it’s been stuck around $30 000 for several weeks now.

Ether and Altcoins lead crypto rout as Terra DeFi fallout deepens

26 May 2022 /  Emily Nicolle, Bloomberg
Bitcoin acted as somewhat of a haven, paring losses to around 2% after dropping to as low as $28 007.

Bitcoin drifts after longest run of weekly losses since 2011

24 May 2022 /  Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg
Bitcoin was down 0.6% to trade at $29 720 as of 3:02 p.m. in New York.

Bitcoin recovers to $30 000 area after shedding weekend weakness

23 May 2022 /  Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg
The largest cryptocurrency rose as much as 1.8% to $30 450 on Monday morning in Asia.

The team that predicted Terra Luna’s crash four months ago

23 May 2022 /  R Paulo Delgado
Applied Blockchain was asked by an investor to take look at the inner workings of Terra Luna and didn’t like what it found.

‘Boring’ gold vs heart-stopping Bitcoin

19 May 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
Sometimes boring is better.

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