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Ether breaks R50 000, creating a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity to build generational wealth’

5 May 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan    16
Richard de Sousa, CEO of AltcoinTrader, explains what's driving the surge in ether, the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain, and why this is history in the making for those seeking to build long-term wealth.

‘Bitcoin is in a ‘super-cycle’ and nowhere near the end of its bull run’

21 Apr 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   21
Kraken's Dan Held on why bitcoin could increase up to 10 times in value before the bull run ends.

Separating the good hats from the bad hats in crypto

16 Apr 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   1
It requires doing some basic due diligence, says Wiehann Olivier, digital asset lead and partner at Mazars.

EC10 plans to be SA’s first crypto ETF

14 Apr 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   7
Institutional investors would have exposure to bitcoin.

The rand as we know it will eventually disappear

9 Apr 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   24
Economist Dawie Roodt on the argument for private currencies replacing failing fiat currencies.

Get over the idea that Africa is poor

7 Apr 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   12
Blockchain Africa's Sonya Kuhnel on Cardano's digital ID system and non-fungible tokens' prospects.

Why Nigerians are paying a 50% premium for bitcoin

29 Mar 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   4
Luno's Marius Reitz on how Nigerians are skirting their central bank's shutdown order for bank accounts associated with crypto trading.

Inundated with dodgy crypto schemes, the FSCA takes action

26 Mar 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   11
Brandon Topham on why it's not just the authority pushing for crypto regulation.

Binance Coin crashes the crypto party with 570% rise since January

19 Mar 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   1
Brenton Naicker of Binance on what's behind the sudden explosion.

‘This is like 1995 in internet terms for the crypto market’

15 Mar 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   6
VALR CEO Farzam Ehsani on how to safely get started in cryptos, and whether we're near the end of the current bull cycle.

Bitcoin headed for $100k in 2021, says ‘crypto oracle’

9 Mar 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   2
Teeka Tiwari has been remarkably accurate in his crypto predictions.

Why family offices are learning to love cryptos

5 Mar 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   1
DCX Capital’s Earle Loxton on why the narrative around cryptocurrency has changed.

Tax and cryptos – all you need to know

3 Mar 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   1
Wiehann Olivier and Tertius Troost of Mazars on why you might be better off with a buy-and-hold strategy tax-wise.

‘Don’t be alarmed by bitcoin’s drop – we’ve been here before’

1 Mar 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   6
AltCoinTrader's Richard da Sousa believes this is a moderate correction compared with past crashes.



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