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SA crypto pioneer Luno finds a US buyer

14 Sep 2020 /  Ciaran Ryan
Born in Cape Town, Luno came to dominate the crypto market in Africa and has now been bought by Digital Currency Group.

What is DeFi and why is it the hottest ticket in cryptocurrencies?

29 Aug 2020 /  Jeremy Eng-Tuck Cheah, Bloomberg
Decentralised finance is attracting huge attention.

Twitter cryptocurrency scam echoes previous schemes on YouTube

23 Jul 2020 /  William Turton, Bloomberg
Hackers hijacked Twitter accounts belonging to Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Joe Biden and Jeff Bezos, asking followers to send Bitcoins to their crypto wallet.

Crypto growth nears ‘ceiling,’ ethereum co-founder says

10 Sep 2018 /  Eric Lam and Gregor Stuart Hunter, Bloomberg
It is now up to the people already involved in the business of cryptocurrency to expand it.

Crypto growth nears ‘ceiling’, ethereum co-founder Buterin says

10 Sep 2018 /  Eric Lam and Gregor Stuart Hunter, Bloomberg
The days of explosive growth in the blockchain industry have likely come and gone now the average person is aware of its existence says Vitalik Buterin.

Bitcoin drops 3% in 10 minutes, ethereum plunges 12%

5 Sep 2018 /  Todd White and Lily Katz, Bloomberg
After Goldman Sachs announced that it is no longer prioritising a cryptocurrency trading desk. domain name can be yours for about $10m

15 Nov 2017 /  Olga Kharif, Bloomberg
Crypto and marijuana themed website names are most in demand.

Ethereum creator wonders whether his currency should be scarcer

8 Nov 2017 /  Matthew Leising, Bloomberg
In a rare interview, Vitalik Buterin frets over ether supply.

Cyber bank robbers stick up ethereum owners for $225m

24 Aug 2017 /  Lulu Yilun Chen and Yuji Nakamura
More than 30 000 people have fallen prey to ethereum-related cyber crime, losing an average of $7 500 each.

Ethereum co-founder says crypto coin market is a time-bomb

19 Jul 2017 /  Camila Russo, Bloomberg
Regulation is biggest threat to digital tokens, Hoskinson says.

Ethereum slides as network backlog points to growing pains

22 Jun 2017 /  Camila Russo, Bloomberg
Initial coin offerings seen causing bottleneck in the network.

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