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The latest in cryptocurrency news from Moneyweb.

Crypto assets back in the news

26 Aug 2020 /  Ciaran Ryan
‘Look at crypto over a two- to five-year horizon; ignore the short-term volatility,’ advocates Sean Sanders of Revix.

The case for indexing in crypto

25 Aug 2020 /  Ciaran Ryan
Those who have looked beyond the obvious and diversified within this space have been handsomely rewarded.

It’s time that we start taking cryptocurrencies seriously

24 Aug 2020 /  Ciaran Ryan
Some will argue it's premature for cryptocurrencies to form part of individual investment portfolios. Sean Sanders, founder of investment platform Revix, strongly disagrees.

Bitcoin surges past $12,000 with advocates heralding new era

18 Aug 2020 /  Vildana Hajric, Bloomberg
To its highest level in a more than a year amid a wider risk-on rally in equity markets.

Bitcoin once again giving bulls hope for $12,000 and beyond

12 Aug 2020 /  Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg
Bitcoin’s recent run higher has brought out a lot of old predictions and some new ones about the future of crypto prices.

Bitcoin volatility surges amid flirtation with $12 000 threshold

11 Aug 2020 /  Amena Saad, Bloomberg
Price swings by the largest cryptocurrency have reached the highest level in about a year.

Bitcoin delirium makes a reappearance while risk assets surge

6 Aug 2020 /  Amena Saad, Bloomberg
Cryptocurrency rises amid risk rally.

Older investors go for gold, younger ones bitcoin, JPMorgan says

5 Aug 2020 /  Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg 
Is the cryptocurrency digital gold?

Bitcoin surpasses $12 000 then tumbles in wild weekend action

3 Aug 2020 /  Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg 
Cryptocurrency tumbles after reaching the highest level in almost a year.

Why invest in smart contracts?

30 Jul 2020 /  Ciaran Ryan
There’s a reason Ethereum is up more than 200% in 2020.

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