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Consumer criminalisation could encourage a culture of tax avoidance

7 Jul 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   23
Government seems oblivious to the dangers of letting the genie out of the bottle with its continued sales ban on tobacco products.

Open letter to Bell Equipment

2 Jul 2020 /  Kerem Aksoy and Carson Mitchell   10
The company has the potential for greatness.

Is Covid-19 clipping your financial wings?

28 Jun 2020 /  Karabo Ramookho   3
5 key steps to regain some financial freedom during the pandemic.

Laurium to run Nedgroup Investments Growth fund

26 Jun 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire  
As Electus is closing, and its founders are stepping away from asset management industry.

What the budget didn’t say

26 Jun 2020 /  Tertius Troost   25
For one thing, how will taxes be increased?

Crowd1: Where is the NCC?

26 Jun 2020 /  Larry Claasen   8
The commission needs to investigate.

A university education for R500 a month

19 Jun 2020 /  Stealthy Wealth   15
The cost of tertiary education scares me almost as much as much as the speed at which university-related expenses escalate each year.

‘Meet us halfway’ – construction sector

19 Jun 2020 /  Webster Mfebe   5
Online tool launched to guide contractors in implementing Covid-19 protocols and facilitate reporting for ongoing industry risk assessment.

Outperforming fund’s momentum strategy pays off

18 Jun 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   12
'We've learnt not to try to pick a stock, but to pick a theme' - Methodical Equity Prescient Fund co-portfolio manager Edo Brasecke.

The president takes on gender-based violence

18 Jun 2020 /  Larry Claasen   24
In the last few weeks, 21 women and children have been murdered.

Exchange rate exposure: A hardy perennial

17 Jun 2020 /  Izak Odendaal and Dave Mohr   13
A look at what moves the rand, why the US dollar could pull back for now, benefits of a weaker rand, and adjusting portfolios for exchange rate volatility.

The domino effect: all jobs are at risk

17 Jun 2020 /  Mamokgethi Molopyane   10
However, the indispensability of workers is becoming more clear.

What’s hiding behind the mist of coronavirus lockdown in Zim?

15 Jun 2020 /  Cathy Buckle   11
Nefarious practices continue while most Zimbabweans face daily struggle to survive.

How to invest in the things you believe in

14 Jun 2020 /  Ebeth Van Heerden   6
You just need to figure out which approach best suits your financial and sustainability goals.

How well long vs short hedge funds negotiated the crash

13 Jun 2020 /  Patrick Cairns   10
Four fund managers discuss their portfolio positioning before and after the market crash, and what happened.

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