WeChat rivals can take social, Tencent is moving on

Pop and Echo, social apps created by former Tencent executives, have already secured venture-capital funding.

Corporates with outstanding tax returns may face penalties

Returns must be submitted by the end of November if penalties are to be avoided.

Economic and psychological recessions go hand-in-hand

It is the responsibility of capital to provide work; if it fails in this, it fails to justify itself – Sidney Myer.

The SABC’s break-up value is greater than its future

Government should ruthlessly focus on more crucial projects.

Short sellers missed Tencent’s $250bn party

Despite the fact that the tech giant lost more than $250 billion of market value in the past nine months, short sellers have been few and far between.

The benefits of boutique

Smaller, independent firms have risen, making inroads into the market share dominated by life- and bank-owned asset managers in the preceding decades.

Happiness really can be found in a steady paycheque

The more you live paycheque to paycheque, the more you need to be sure that the paycheques won’t stop coming.

Does traditional pay design accelerate the wage gap?

The most prevalent issue of equality is the growing wage gap.

Good news turning into bad news?

The best strategy is to ignore the volatility and to sit it out until markets recover.

SA investors in deep denial, should invest 80% offshore 

A house and pension are the only assets that should be kept in SA, the rest should be invested in hard currency assets that will protect investor’s buying power.

Your man should not be your retirement plan

Report shows that a majority of women do not have a retirement plan, suggesting that the gender inequality gap will continue.

Is there a place for hedge in your portfolio?

A number of hedge funds have provided significant downside protection, reduced volatility and have been positive year to date.

A case for mediation

Mediation should be your first course of action when considering divorce proceedings.

Without common purpose, there won’t be job creation

Jobs Summit interventions need labour to stop behaving as a beneficiary rather than a contributor.

Vitality Open made me a (much) better driver

Why Discovery Insure’s driver behaviour programme is not a gimmick …



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