Find the best retirement annuity for you

Pointers to help you find funds that are managed with your best interests at heart.

Huge pension fund deficits are a global crisis in waiting

The 20 largest OECD countries alone have a US$78 trillion shortfall in their pensions obligations.

Wakanda’s prosperity isn’t so far-fetched for Africa

The wealthy fictional nation in the ‘Black Panther’ may become reality someday.

What the everyday person needs to know about the budget speech

Budget directs spending to education, protecting the vulnerable and investing in enablers for economic participation.

Why won’t my medical aid pay?

Tips to make sure your medical bills are settled.

Artificial intelligence won’t steal your children’s jobs

It will make them more creative and productive.

Budget 2018: SA now needs to walk the talk

The measures proposed in the budget speech are likely to help SA avoid a downgrade by Moody’s, but will government be able to implement them?

Budget shows willingness to take difficult decisions

Together with the recent change in leadership, this budget should be enough to keep Moody’s on hold.

Moving beyond the popping candy

It is time to get to work.

VAT hike is Zuma’s legacy

Normal South Africans will now pay in cash for his mismanagement.

RAs still a ‘tax neutraliser’ despite budget – Standard Bank

Rather than fret about the tax burden, consumers should focus on improving their financial planning.

‘Least bad’ option for SA is VAT hike

With the inclusion of zero-rated goods, higher income earners will pay a slightly higher proportion of their income on VAT than lower income earners.

Fiscal consolidation crucial in the upcoming budget – Busa

Tax increases seem inevitable.

Residential property: A 10-year bear market

Sell Western Cape, buy KwaZulu-Natal.

Can SA be a developmental state under Ramaphosa?

It may be a long shot for now. The new president must implement reform measures to growth the economy and root out corruption.



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